Worst Moment Essay

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Worst Moment

This is how it began Rishi and I live in different states, but very close when we were younger. I moved to better the life of my daughter, instead of staying in New York. The way me and most of our families stood connected was by playing video games online with each other. Rishi was the youngest out of all the cousins; he was only Twenty years old. We decided the morning of his death June 1, 2012 for all the cousins to get on as a team and have fun together, so we basically had a whole team of cousins playing random people online and we were all together playing Modern Warfare 3.

We were all on having fun talking trash to each other and the opposing team, it came to a point later on that morning that most of our cousins had to leave, so Rishi and I stood on to continue with the fun, and to catch up on things there was a point where we had lunch while we were playing as a lunch date just to stay on and communicate. We stayed on now more towards the evening; maybe around 7:30pm he told me he was hungry. He went to fry rice and make ice tea, I told him that wasn’t good for him because he is a diabetic but he told me he was okay.

Little did I know they told me he hasn’t been taking his medication, but he still insisted that he was fine, so I said okay. Later on that night he and I were still talking, laughing and playing with our friends I had to get off because I had to go to work the next morning. I told him, I’ll see you tomorrow and we’ll play some more when I get out of work, and he told me ok. I get off the game and get my stuff for the next day and head to sleep, close to midnight or 1:00am, I get a call that woke me out my sleep I felt something was wrong before I picked up the phone.

I picked up the phone and my mother had told me my cousin Rishi had passed away after we ended the game; fifteen minutes after and I see it as my worst day, cause I feel if I stood on with him would it even happen? , could I have prevented it? , I really don’t know how to reply. Be grateful for your family, even if u hate them you will grow up and get over it and end up apologizing anyway. Let the past be the past and enjoy the family you were given. I write this to teach people this before they don’t have the time to enjoy their family member.

Always keep in contact even if you have nothing to say” just say good morning or goodnight or I love you”. You don’t know if that’s your last chance or not. What I’m trying to say is if you love your family members as much as you say you do, don’t take them for granted, because they can be taken from you and any given moment and right under our noses. Make sure you take the time to kill grudges and stupidity in the family so everyone has no grudges and the family can live in harmony and enjoy each other.

I lost my chance with my little cousin, but now I’m trying to make up for the rest of the family so at least they know I love them and make the effort to stay in contact and make sure everything is ok. Which I should’ve done from the get go but I was the hard headed one who didn’t want to bother with anyone or get help from anyone so that kind of pushed me away from my family because I have pride and I wanted to do everything myself so I missed out on my cousins life and anyone else who has been cheated in life from my family and friends.

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