World War One the Australian Contribution to the ANZAC

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This essay will be about the extent of the experiences of the Australian contribution to the ANZAC legend. The ANZAC legend has originally developed from the experiences of the Australian men in battle and the unknown Digger. This legend continues to represent all the Australian servicemen that have died up until recently.

Comradeship is one of value of the ANZAC legend, another value is endurance which has shaped the legend. Comradeship is more known as mateship, this is an important trait to the ANZAC legend this value binds us as Australian, irrespective, of the adversities that we face.

Endurance was an important to the Australian Imperial Force was the fighting on the Western Front, Gallipoli and the campaign of Palestine. It was most important to the Light Horsemen on their conquest of the middle east against the Ottoman Empire.

Bean, C E W Australia’s official History of Australia in World War One, wrote about Australian’s at Passchendaele and taking 38 000 casualties in just eight weeks.

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“Wherever they went they sustained by in themselves and in one another. Where own deaths or the end of the world comes” (Nelson, 2019). When it was the Australian turn to cross the desert of Saini, this campaign would test the Light horsemen and their horse, going days without water and food. The soldier had to cope with lice and fleas, scorpions but the worst the soldier had to put up with was the flies which just covered the horse (Vines, 2015). A quote from an English cavalry man about the Australian Walers “ Indeed the hardship endured by the there horse was almost incredible they carried also on average12 stone for the soldier anther 9 stone for the saddle, ammunition, sword, rifle cloths and about 11 stone they carried this all day every day for 17 day on half rations and one drink in every 36 hours.

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I have no doubt their Australian horse make the finest cavalry mounts in the world” (Vines, 2015). This shows that these horse the men on their back create the ANZAC legend.

Comradeship is important getting thought the long campaign at Gallipoli, Palestine and on the Western Front, where it was hard day in day out and they need the support their mates. Endurance was important because most of the men wouldn’t have made it the all the campaign like the Western Front, Gallipoli and Palestine.

Loyalty is another well-known value for the ANZAC legend. Audacity is Another value of the legend and it represents the light horse Men to the deserts of Palestine. Audacity to the ANZAC Legend is that the value of life which is achieved without taking risks but a risk to be taken.

Audacity was show more on the Desert campaign spicily in the battle of the water bottle when 1700 light horsemen defending the town of Romany under Brigadier general Harry Chevelle. He said “We’re going to have them come on us to fight them and we would slowly fall towards the town of Romany in hope that you’ll wear them out during the night” and said “ this battle would be about the water bottle” (Vines, 2015).

Audacity is important to the ANZAC legend because it was one of the turn point of the campaign in the Middle East. Loyalty to the legend is important because on the Middle East Campaign was the bond between rider and horse loyalty was important because the men ride the horses had to have the bond so when they went into battle the rider could always trust the horse and the horse handler to get him out of battle. On the voyage over to the middle east with the first contingents was the horse when these men would ride, each man would have to care his horse, “When the bugle boles for watering and feeding horse, it is simply astonishing how its recognised by them porting and neighing goes on, there was a dreadful noise over the whole ship until they are feed have almost become like human beings” Trooper Roland 4th Light Horse (Vines, 2015). At Gallipoli men were showing loyalty by “It is no disgrace for an Australian to die beside good pals in in ANZAC” (Sydel, 2018)

To the legend most people think of the loyalty to the other soldier but not all were a where of the light horsemen caring for their horse when they were in battle or sailing across with them. In the end ANZAC legend is not a myth but an identity of Australia when they went to fight, and this is symbolised by the unknow digger with the phrase “He is all of them and he is one of us”.

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