World War One and New Weapon

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The way people fought in battles from the beginning of time to now has changed in a lot of ways by the weapons, techniques, and transportations. Before World War One happened, the people in battles or wars first fought with sticks and stones. Then they developed bows, arrows, and spears. Which allowed them to fight from longer ranges and made it easier to fight and withe battles. The technique that they used to fight was for them to get into a big group and fire their bow and arrows at their enemies.

Then they would get on their horses which were their only way of transportation other than walking and take their spears and charge at the other enemies that were left. They used the bows, arrows, and spears for a really long period of time before they made any new weapons. Then after many years of fighting with weapons that took a lot of work the invention of black powder weapons came about.

The black powder weapons allowed people fighting not only to allow them to fight from further range but, allowed them to not waste as much as energy as spears and bows.

Also, the new weapons allowed them to kill their enemies faster by just cocking the gun back and pulling the trigger, but then they had to reload which took them a little while. This invention of the gunpowder weapons changed the way we fight in a lot of ways. The gunpowder weapons helped both sides of the war.

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by being able to move faster and shoot faster. These weapons were used for many hundreds of years but it got a lot of changes and modifications to the weapon itself. Then once the World War One started it changed they way poeple fight in wars and in battles. In many wars before World War One such as the Napoleonic war in 1803 and the Crimean war in 1853 they fought with better weapons other than just pistols and knives.In the Crimean war they fought with muskets that had bayonets on the rifle which were just long blades on the end of the rifle. This allowed them to shoot from even further away. They still used almost the same technique, which was to go in one group then line up and fire their rifles.

Also, they would go down each line and fire then they would charge at their enemies and shoot them, then stab them with their bayonets on the end of their rifles.Then they used trench warfare, which was to go in trenches and fire their weapons. They also used many artillery, which was cannonballs that left the enemies devastated, and really set the enemies back. They used these weapons for many years leading up to World War On eand used some of the same techniques. Then they used some artillery that was a little advanced but not advanced as many years later like the weapons and technology that they used in World War One. Druing World War One they used muskets and also used the tecnnque of trench warfare. Also during the war they developed tanks, machine guns, and many other things that helped them through out the war. Then they developed gases which killed many people, tanks, airships, and boats all used in World War One. They spent most of their time in the trenches, making the trenches, and fighting their enemies by using heavy artillery, cannons, and high ranged rifles.

Before World War One happened there wasn’t as much weapons that people could use in battles and didn’t have the same techniques of this war. Also as this war started they were constantly developed new, and improved weapons and they way that they fight. Also they didn’t have as good quality of uniforms, helmets, or armor that they had before the war. During the war the nurses were more qualified and knew a little bit more about what they were doing but the sanitation wasn’t the greatest thing either. During the war they also had many new things such as cartridge belts, barbed wire, rifle grenades,mustard gases, and atomic bombs. World War One changed modern warfare.

During World War One there were many advancements in their weapons that they used. The rifle was equiped by most of the soldiers due to it being a bolt-action rapid-fire rifle. Also, these rifles were very reliable and the armies saw a need for these weapons. The rifles could be shot fifteen times in a minute and it could kill an enemy from over a thousand meters. Some of the rifles were equipped with scopes such as the Mauser Gewerhr 98 and some rifle were like the M91 Moschetto De Cavalleria which had a bayonet attached to the end of the rifle. The troops using these types of rifles have a cartiledge belt that they are wearing for mare ammo. There were many different kinds of riles that were used in World War One.

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