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World War ll Topic test review

Which of the following organized Kristallnacht?
the Nazi government

In the report below, a Nazi officer describes the evacuation of the Warsaw ghetto in 1943.
“The execution of this transfer order [to move all the Jews in the ghetto to concentration camps] proved to be very difficult, since the managers as well as the Jews resisted in every possible way . . . The conditions discovered there are indescribable. I cannot imagine a greater chaos than in the Ghetto of Warsaw.”

—SS General Jürgen Stroop, 1943
Which statement below is supported by information in the report?

Some Jews fought against the Nazis rather than be sent to concentration camps.

When Germany experienced inflation, prices for goods

The photograph provides information that the battle was fought
in dense jungles.

In the postwar era, women’s style and clothing became more

Which best describes the overall type of art that emerged in the postwar period?

How did Rudolf Höss defend his actions to the court?
He said he was just following orders.

Why did totalitarian governments control culture, such as books and films?
to make sure that all culture followed state ideology

Who were the Blackshirts?
supporters of Mussolini’s ideology.

Which best describes what Einstein’s theories tried to explain?
how the physical world functions

During the early 1900s, the term “soviet” was initially the name for
the local council in each Russian city.

In the Spanish Civil War, the Republicans represented the
democratically elected government.

Why is the name “totalitarianism” appropriate for that form of government?
The government exerts total control.

Which electric appliance emerged in the postwar era?
the vacuum cleaner

Why was Benito Mussolini able to seize control in Italy?
The country was weak and frustrated with democratic rule.

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