World War II: Hitler Rises to Power Essay

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World War II: Hitler Rises to Power

In 1933, Hitler and his National Socialist (Nazi) party were elected into power in Germany. Hitler was chosen by his party to become the new chancellor of Germany. The National Socialist (Nazis) won 34. 1% of the overall vote. The German people were looking for a new voice for their suffering; they wanted a new leader to help get them out of their downfall during World War I, the Great Depression of 1929, and the Treaty of Versailles. Many people are surprised to learn that Hitler was actually elected in a democratic election style to power.

There are couple of reasons to explain Hitler’s rise to power: • The German’s has been through World War I and are living in poor conditions • (2) The Treaty of Versailles which was signed 1919, placed the blame of World War I solely on Germany and required them to pay $31. 4 Billion ($385 Billion in today’s estimate) • (3) The German’s were tired of the same old promises from their elected parties and were looking for a new voice Hitler invaded Austria on September 1st, 1939.

Hitler wanted to expand the German land for economic means and used the Treaty of Versailles as an excuse to invade Poland. Hitler demanded more out of the French and British Governments, and they decided to give a small portion of Czechoslovakia; Hitler wasn’t satisfied; he invaded the whole of Czechoslovakia in 1939. The French and British Governments at the time didn’t want a repeat of World War I and had an intention of appeasing Hitler to stop further conflicts. Hitler sensed a weakness on the part of the British and French, and he invaded Poland.

A staged attack from Poland on a German radio station was used as an excuse to invade Poland. Hitler invaded Poland and made a pact with the Soviet Union, to make it seem that he’s not the aggressor. The operation was code names, “Operation Himmler”. As the German troops started moving further into Poland, the British and French Government declared war on Germany. The Germans continued their war beyond Poland and invaded Norway, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, and France.

After, London refused to have peace talks with the Nazis. Hitler declared, “Operation Sea Lion” against Britain. The German army had air superiority and wanted to bomb London to submission. Hitler started to come to a realization that Britain was stronger contender than first thought, he turned his attention east toward the Soviet Union; and that’s where his downfall started. The battle of Stalingrad in Russia gave the Nazi army was their first defeat at the hand of the Allies.

The German troops started to feel the fatigue, they lost large amount of troops and were running low on equipment. The Allied troops (U. S, Britain, and Russian) start liberating European and North African countries and the final battle was at Berlin. In 1945, Berlin was captured by the Soviet troops and the German’s gave their unconditional surrender as of May 8, 1945. During the Battle of Berlin, Hitler marries his long-time mistress Eva Braun and both commit suicide.

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