World War II Essay

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World War II

During the Eisenhower administration many changes were taking place in American culture. Following World War II, the country experienced a period of industrialization and growth like never before, especially in terms of the economy and the American family. Post- World War II the so-called “baby boom” occurred, a period when birth rates rose as a result of the soldiers coming home from the war and due to the young ages of people who were marrying, but also the booming economy with the emerging middle-class suburban culture drastically changed the way people viewed their lives.

They were comfortable, able to afford nice things, like cars and other newly developed appliances, as well as the small suburban houses that kept them close enough to the cities to find work, but far enough way that they could create a quiet, peaceful life. All of these factors helped develop a culture of consumption, a culture where people had some disposable income due to their middle-class economy and larger amounts of couples with children in the market to buy.

This consumption helped create a booming housing market, department stores, new inventions to make life easier like kitchen appliances, and a strong automobile industry. This large-scale, new-found getting and spending formed an entirely new culture that continues today, in many respects. The way people within the country viewed America was very favorably. They saw this new way of life as being wonderful and much better than what their parents would have experienced.

With many young, professional suburban couples coming from all walks of life, from urban to rural, they would have seen the life of suburbia as a haven where they could raise a family, buy a home, and use their disposable income to buy things they wanted, instead of just what they needed. The rest of the world would have viewed this aspect of American culture as a paradise, a dream-life that many could not fathom having for themselves because of America’s strong economy.

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