World Population Essay

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World Population

Today all over the social media, whether a local TV station or a well known magazine such as New York Times, there have been repeated stories and articles circulating through regarding extreme poverty, sanitation and water problems in suffering countries, and other environmental issues such as global warming and possible extinction of many species due to loss of their habitat and water. We have seen it advertised and addressed everywhere. But many of these issues may be contributed to the major problem of our expanding world population.

According to studies, the world population will be reaching 7 billion individuals this month. Our knowledge of how to control our increasingly high rate of world population may hold a significant solution on how these world conflicts may be controlled. If the knowledge and prevention of our expanding population seizes to act, our earthly planet may be in for a long road of unfortunate and threatening consequences. The two articles discussed in this essay address how citizens need to take on the challenge of reducing world population and what problems may continue to arise if we do not take action on such matter.

First, in Jeffrey Sach’s article, he notably states that with the rise of the world population reaching 7 billion that there are many consequences that must be stabilized in order to avoid major issues for our own humanity. Sachs begins his article with clearly discussing the environmental conflicts that we are and will continue to face with a growing population. Sachs states how the world’s agricultural systems are depleting our natural world. Species are becoming extinct with loss of their habitat due to expansion of our industrialized agriculture.

As well, greenhouse gases are altering our climates and fertilizers are poisoning our natural elements. Sachs then goes on to discuss how the overbearing population rate is affecting our planet’s poorest and undeveloped countries. He describes how the poor societies suffer from high child mortality rates, lack of contraception methods, and failure of parents to provide adequate nutrition, education, and health care to their children. Jeffrey Sachs believes that there are two key factors to maintain a planet for a “sustainable development”.

The first part is that he feels there needs to be a technological change to help avoid more environmental harm. Second, there needs to be stabilization in our world population by reducing fertility rates through family planning and contraceptive methods. Next, David Crary discussed the world population hitting 7 billion and also the challenges that are ahead of us as humans. Crary also makes a focus of how a rising population is affecting our undeveloped countries such as sub-Saharan Africa, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

In these poor conditions with a growing population rate, many of the undeveloped countries will be suffer from food and water shortages. In Crary’s article, he discusses different issues in various parts of the world. First, Crary discusses the most populous countries on our planet, India and China, and how the overpopulation of humans is causing a gender-gap between the young females and males. This could be a future threat to these countries because there might not be a large enough young population to support the elderly.

Although these countries have been reducing female fertility rates, family planning is still crucial. Cray also discusses how Europe and the United States will also have challenges among them with an overbearing population. In Europe, efforts have been made to shrink the birth rate. In Spain and Italy, many couples are finding that they are not having children due to economic issues. In the US, there is a significant population increase, and we are seeing this not through only high fertility rates but also illegal immigration.

Overall, Crary does feel that the issue of our population increase is also a challenge that needs to be provided with a solution. Not only does Crary support the importance of family planning, use of contraceptives, or the goal to reduce birth rates, but he also supports the impact of saving our planet environmentally. We need to preserve our natural elements and focus on prevention of saving our Earth. In conclusion, I feel that the issue of our high rising population rates needs to be addressed.

I do not feel that this issue is something that should be overlooked. When reading both articles, I was informed of the importance of family planning and the use of contraception. I feel that by providing modern methods of contraception to our un-developed countries, that we would see a significant reduction of birth rates. I feel that this is necessary to keep the poor societies from starving or dying from lack of food and water due to lack of resources. Also, in Crary’s article, Crary provides various stats to promote the importance of stabilizing our population.

I was shocked by the fact that the International Water Management predicts that 1. 8 billion people will suffer from water shortage. This to me really impacted me, and furthered my support to take action. I truly believe after reading both articles that we as humans need to take action. Our world is going to be impacted environmentally and economically negatively if we do not step up to the challenge of reducing our world population. I hope that all humans will be influenced by this issue, and as well take their part in bettering our world and our future.

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