World of work Silver Statement Essay

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World of work Silver Statement

How has the statement writing process and feedback helped you to understand the importance of organisational awareness? The Statement writing process has proven very important to me. It has enabled me to do thorough research on the company I wish to pursue a career in and even more so the roll I wish to undertake. I did not quite realise the potential benefits of being very aware of the organisation, Now I know that employers would expect me to show a great understanding of the organisation by considering the issues facing retailers in this modern day, and that employers would be looking for applicants which can keep up to date with developments in the food market sector. The Feedback for this statement has also been very beneficial for me as I did not quite realise how much detail employers are expecting you to go into during the interview, it is vital that I illustrate my understanding of the roll in great detail in order for employers to feel I have a great understanding of the job, as they will want to feel assured that I could be a professional representative for the organisation, and that I completely understand what behaviour is expected of me inside and outside of the work place.

What have you learnt from the feedback about how you can better identify and analyse external factors effecting organisations? In my statement I went on to provide evidence of some of the external factors effecting ALDI such as the competition of being in such a crowded market place and the effect of political and social instability in other trading countries. What this feedback has helped me achieve is that I could have went on to analyse additional factors such as the economic factors of the attraction of the budget supermarket and what the competition has done in this economic downturn in order to counteract ALDI’s success, One key thing I also forgot to mention is the boom of online shopping which I could of went on to talk about which could fall under the “technological” section of the PEST analysis. The PEST analysis model will prove very useful in order to provide good information during the interview process of all Political, Economic, Social and Technological issues that face AUDI, and will show employers that I have a wide understanding of the issues that ALDI may face and also give me a chance think of some solutions about how they can compete with these problems.

I also went on to explain how ALDI try and manage their reputation by having good customer service etc. But again did realise how much detail employers are expecting from you, what I could of went onto say is how ALDI take specific steps to improve their brand image or try and reduce the number of complaints. The feedback has also highlighted the areas I need to improve on and also shown me to thoroughly check my statements in order to make no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. How will you use this experience and feedback to help you identify the organisational factors that you will explore in your remaining assignment? The experience and feedback in this process has given me a strong platform which I can use throughout my life when applying for jobs in the future.

When preparing for my next job I will research the organisation methodically and analyse all the factors which may affect the organisation. This will then make me confident went going into an interview which is what most employers are looking for – especially in the food market sector, which will hopefully separate me from the rest. The feedback that has been given to me has shown me where I can improve on in different aspects of the statement, which is something I can go over and improve on before an interview, and then use this as a platform for when I’m applying for jobs in the future which should enable me to be a really strong candidate.

The feedback has also told me to proof read all of my work which I can use throughout my university life as well. In one of my university assignments I am using ALDI as my case study, which I can now apply the PEST analysis model too, So this statement and feedback process has not only helped me research and realise the importance of organisational awareness for my chosen company, but will also help me in my assignments and other aspects of my university life as I can apply this knowledge to upcoming assignments.

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