World, National, Regional, and Other Organizations Case Problems Essay

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World, National, Regional, and Other Organizations Case Problems

1. A popular tourist state has fallen on hard times. The state government can no longer provide adequate funds for its state park system. The governor has proposed a “group maintenance” policy for the parks. This means that all the parks in a given part of the state would be managed on a group basis. Eliminated would be all of the individual local park managers. Several million people visit these parks each year – an important part of the state’s tourism. What might be some feasible solutions to the funding problems of the park system?

We all know that the tourism plays an important role in the overall national economy and each of its own country depends on the revenue that is collected/generated from tourism every year. The industrial product produced is an economy. As stated in the question above it is a good way to start as group maintenance to resolve this solution by funding in the case of parks. When different groups of each and every area is scheduled for maintenance on the regular basis it will help lower the work to everyone and looks good unity which is always a good thing. This way it will not be work overloaded to just one particular group but will be distributed among all the other groups as well. On the other side it will be benefitted financially if some funding organizations approaches at the same time.

2.Two city council members are having an argument. A proposed budget item for tourist promotion for the coming fiscal year is being considered. One member endorses this item enthusiastically. The other states, “ We don’t benefit much from tourists’ spending here because of the high leakage. I won’t vote for this item; let’s forget it.” You are attending this meeting as a representative of the convention and visitor bureau. How would you respond? If you felt that your declarations were not very convincing, what research should be conducted immediately to strengthen your protourism position?

To strengthen the protourism position I would suggest some of the points
below: •The revenue can be shown to the representatives which was generated in the past years with the help of the tourism. •Something should be taken care of: because of the tourism it will help the country, the whole nation to earn the revenue and developments can be better. •Should let them know that the tourist promotions should be handled carefully and organize in such a way that more and more people visit the country and the revenue will increase too. We should also keep in mind that the relation between the countries would last good and longer.

Passenger Transportation

Case Problems:

1.The Rotary Club program chairman has asked you to give a talk on the advantages of cruises. He has also hinted that club members might be interested in taking a group cruise with their spouses and children. What would you include in your talk?

Vacation on a cruise would obviously make exciting to the families and would also make them feel different and distinct experience. When giving them the speech on the advantages of cruises I would include the following information: •The best thing is you don’t have to keep going to board off to enjoy like: you want to watch movie it has a theatre inside, you want to swim the pool is right there, you want to dine the fine dinning is also there. I mean everything that enjoys you and make the trip enjoyable will already be present in the cruise.

•Simplicity and convenience
•Multiple travel destinations and of course you can unpack only once
•Bundle deals
•Meeting with new people
•Very much family friendly environment

Moreover, you will not be wasting your time energy and money to travel here and there to visit places, which the cruise will take it as it has multiple travel destinations.

2.Air transportation is truly a global industry. However, future growth in world demand is being impeded by many nations that have enacted various air regulations and restrictive laws. A beginning toward a “new world order” of global competition and interconnectedness has occurred. The first “open skies” agreement was established between the United States and The Netherlands. This agreement, dubbed Open Skies I, signals the beginning of open skies becoming global. The agreement abolishes and legal and diplomatic environments, as well as all other trade barriers that impede airline efficiency. It also encourages competition. The Open Skies I accord completely deregulates air services between the United States and the European Union. How will this affect demand for travel on the world’s airlines? Explain and give several examples.

Even though the Open Skies I removed all the rules and regulations of the aviation industry between United States and Netherlands they still need to have some kind of agreement for the proper implementation. When we think from the other side it’s good too because then there will be less chance of interference of the government when signed an agreement between the two countries. But, if we look to the other side with Europe then the European Union will definitely create a free market environment to the United States.

Hospitality and Related Services

Case Problems:

1.You are the food and beverage manager of a resort hotel located in an interesting historical destination similar to Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. Recently, you decided that all the guest servers in the dining room should wear authentic costumes typical of those when the area was at its peak as an early trading center. Some of the staff object to this plan, saying that it is a silly idea and also that the costumes look like they might be uncomfortable. What would your reaction be?

There is no question of being uncomfortable with the costumes because as a server you need to wear a uniform anyhow. In fact to me it’s a great and creative idea to attract more visitors since the restaurant is located in an area, which has historical importance. Not only with the costumes but I would go same tune with the interior and all the utensils as well. I would have the music background the same during that era. Seriously, I too have similar stuff in my head when I own my own Nepali Cuisine restaurant some day.

2.Angelo V. and his son Leonard are co-owners of a fine-quality 150-seat table-service restaurant. Leonard has been gradually acquiring more authority and responsibility for management. However, recently he and his father have had some sharp disagreements relating to becoming members of their state’s restaurant association and the National Restaurant Association. Angelo feels that membership would be a waste of money. If you were Leonard, what would your arguments in favor be?

When the matter comes between generation-to-generation wise its little complicated to make one-generation-older understand what the young generation thinks because the older one does not want to take a chance to take a risk regardless of the situation. If I were Leonard, I don’t think that becoming a member of the National Restaurant Association and the State’s Restaurant Association would be waste of money because you will get an opportunity to introduce your restaurant out of state, meet with different restaurateurs, and your restaurant might get a chance to take part in activities that are concerned at the state level. And by becoming the member not only will the restaurant be promoted at a higher level, but its name will be more common among people.

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