World History B: WWII Begins

What is the best definition of a “blitzkrieg”?
rapid invasion by air and land

Before invading Poland, Hitler reached a secret agreement with the
Soviet Union

What caused Great Britain and France to declare war on Germany in 1939?
the invasion of Poland

A “blitz” is different from a “blitzkrieg” because only a “blitz”
relies exclusively on air power.

Hitler’s invasion of the —– in June 1941 proved that he would consistently break agreements.
Soviet Union

With which statement would Stalin and Churchill most likely agree?
Victory must be attained at all costs.

Why were the British able to win the Battle of Britain?
Their radar equipment was effective.

What was one reason the Battle of Barbarossa became a turning point in the war?
The German army suffered massive casualties.

Which aggressive action did Germany take in the 1930s?
annexing Austria and Czechoslovakia

Which country was the last to join the Allied Powers?
United States

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World History B: WWII Begins

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