World expo 2020 Essay

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World expo 2020

For over a century and a half the world expos are driving innovation, eduction and international cooperation. The expos participate in the moral , material and technological progress of humanity. They are also known for their iconic designs that always have a clearly defined theme . the venue that host these exhibitions is selectted by the intl exhbtion bureau paris bye electing one of several cities that have bid for the priviledge. The uae is bidding to host the world expo 20202 in dubai under the theme connectiong minds and creating the future uae has decided to build the venue of this great event at a sie equidistant fron the abudhabi and dubai intl airoorts.

The venue is perfect for the theme CMCF This vision of innovation through collaboration has three sub themes that are ooppurtunity mobility and sustainability each sub theme shall have its own dedicated zone at the heart of this site is a plaza called al wasl the old Arabic name for dubai meaning the connection. At the edge of this plaza there will be the innovation pavilion an entirely new pavilion concept that is meant to intensify all levels of expo engagements . Branching out from the centre each of the three theme zones is arranged as such that the size of the the pavilion decrease along with proximity to the centre. This encourages pedestrian flow.

This design was inspired from traditiona Arabic markets called souks. It is the erfect enue for such a grand event. The uae has boasted an unprecedented story of success and develoopmet and is one of the best candidates for hosting the exhibition. Dubai has a lot of advantages it has airports connected to all major cities of the world, it is safe, has a lot of business oppurtunities and more than anything it has a govern ment and population that has as a common goal that is the progress of the country. Let us expect healthy and reasonable growth of the country with the hosting of the expo 2020

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