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World Economy and International Affairs

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (660 words)
Categories: Economics,Economy,World
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The researchers are coming from economics area and international affairs as well. The aim of the researchers was to identify the conflicts in the corporate and how to defeat on them with comparison of two countries. The subject of the study was corporate conflicts caused by the corporate relations that arise between the proprietors of corporate rights. The study was based on general scientific and special scientific strategies and techniques of scientific information.

The researchers concluded how to increase economical growth by removing corporate conflicts.

Also, they gave idea how Ukraine government can learn from US government to gain economic development. There is a underlying assumption with this research is the revelation of the legal nature of corporate conflicts in Ukraine remains inadequate. Also, it is being accepted that corporate conflict is one of the major reasons behind failing economy in Ukraine. Here, it is noted that organizational and managerial conflicts are causes of conflicts and such conflicts are affecting economic growth.

How interesting it is!

The reason for the study is to identify the beginning of economic and legal doctrines, based on which it appears to be conceivable to identify the main determinants of shadowing of the economy. The researchers are from trade university from Ukraine and they have multiple studies around the economical variance. The meaning of “shadow economy” and “economic shadowing” is framed as per conditions, outcomes, and causes which separately are a subsystem of national security. The practical significance of obtained results in this study, to formulate a hypothesis that provides a comprehensive, standardized vision of the cause of economic shadowing. That means the assumption made by researchers was standardized vision of the cause of economic shadowing, which is in danger since not all countries are such logical. The most interesting piece of information is that the uplifting attitude to the shadow economy leads to the acknowledgment of its entitlement to exist and create. The most interesting piece of information is that the positive attitude to the shadow economy leads to the recognition of its right to exist and develop.

The group of economics and management students from China performed a research on technology and globalization which has significant cause in economic growth. The study says that the factors ruining the achievement of inflation targets are only oil supply, weakness of aggregate demand, and commodity price, so on. Also, an additional area of exceptional research in this study was to study the causes and results of low inflation. This is a quantitative research. The researchers have used empirical method and New Keynesian Phillips Curve (NKPC) model. Furthermore, the research was supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China. The researchers have concluded that globalization and technology innovations, both contribute to lowest inflation over the last five years in United States, which helps to grow economy.

The most interesting fact was mentioned by the researchers is the amount of technology being used has been more than doubled since the late 1990s to till date. This study is really interesting since both of the authors are great economist and one of them is director at Moody’s. Their knowledge and experience are highly valuated. The researchers started this research since they found that the key variable ‘the quality of economic institutions’ was missed by previous researches in last decade. This study shows a unified view of the relationship between inequality and growth. This relationship touches the increasing economic growth.

The researchers had hypothetically interpreted that income inequality performs a key role in economic development. However, they proved that it is correct through this study. The study is based on stimulation estimation and random effects estimation methods of quantitative research and had used previous researches for the estimation. There is only one risk that they had data limitations on expropriation risk. The interesting information of this research is that the researchers had to collect information from almost 50 researches and they thanked all of them and also six different institutions.

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