World Change Essay

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World Change

In my discussion I will share two important definitions of world changer and include challenges that are related to health and health care needs, with the issues that pertain to nursing. World changer can have different meanings to many different people. The one definition that I related to personally was actually a quote from President Abraham Lincoln “ By serving others and putting others’ needs before oneself, only then can anyone truly impact the world with change. ” – Abraham Lincoln (World- Changers for Resources. (2008).. he other important definition of world changer began in 1999 for my school, Indiana Wesleyan College, as a new initiative both to students and faculty and is now included in our mission statement as a commitment to changing the world by developing students in character, scholarship, and leadership. (Indiana Wesleyan University, 1999). World issues effect the improving of global health with multiple challenges including health problems of society. In 2003 a request for these challenges were gathered and included in a working paper in the Journal of Nursing.

Here is the list of identified challenges that was sponsored by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the National Cancer Institute (http:/www. grandchallengesgh. org/).. Suggestions for improving education for women, addressing problems in the social environment focusing on reducing poverty to decrease illness/diseases. Make the world safer, the level of mortality continues to increase, including maternal and infant mortality, with premature deaths being the leading cause of death of newborns.

Improve adolescent mental health by providing education including sexually identity which can be a cause for suicide, which is the third leading cause of death. (Hegyvary, 2004). Prevent spread of infectious diseases; manage physical and mental illnesses, and link health system and social processes. Global health can improve if everyone would take responsibility to participate in understanding health care, make simple life style changes, and be committed to meeting the basic needs of others. Dickenson-Hazard, 2004) The challenges that pertain to nurses include the knowledge nurses need, the way they learn, the type of facilities and the conditions of work environments. The most significant contributions in the health care for nurses is to provide holistic and humane care. Personal plan to be a world changer includes gaining growth spiritually, developing leadership through knowledge and skill, and to continue to place others needs above mine.

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