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Understanding World Happenings in Africa

When Paul Theroux visited Africa during the 1960s, many African countries were forming their own governments after doing away with colonial rule (An Interview, 2007). Paul taught English to children in Uganda and Malawi during that time. But when he returned to Africa almost forty years later, he was shocked as well as disappointed to… View Article

The Most Competitive Economy in the Arab World

In the online article entitled “World Economic Forum says UAE is Arab World’s Most Competitive Economy,” it was stated that the World Economic Forum has declared the United Arab Emirates to have the most competitive economy among the Arab countries (The Associated Press). This was from a survey done among the 13 Arab States, the… View Article

Explain the European motivations for exploration and conquest of the New World

The discovery of the New World happened to coincide with the spread of European power and culture around the known world. This spread was the result of various developments that had occurred, particularly the following: “the explosive growth of trade, towns, and modern corporations; the religious zeal generated by the Protestant Reformation and the Catholic… View Article

The world faces today

Of all problems the world faces today, disruption of the natural environment that we call pollution is undoubtedly the most alarming and devastating. All our natural assets and resources without which we can hardly imagine life to survive on our planet face the danger of pollution. The rate at which we are polluting our world… View Article

How to Talk about the World

How does the opening paragraph establish the mood and values of the story? With the opening paragraph of the story, reader can feel that the story will be conveying something that is related to discrimination over niggers or black people in the location. It impliedly said that there should be no boundaries to be set… View Article

Shopping in Today’s World

The Internet is a wonderful invention. Most individuals will never comprehend the vast resources it provides in our daily lives; education, communication and global commerce. But, of all the wonders of the Internet, there is one that is paramount to any other; shopping. Do you even recall what shopping was like before the Internet? Some… View Article

Encounters at the End of the World

“Encounters at the End of the World” is a movie documentary about the life in Antarctica. The movie talks about the life of people in Antarctica and how they strive to live in the desolate land. Antarctica is located in the southern most region of the world. It experiences six months of continuous daytime and… View Article

Some of the Most Important Skyscrapers in the World

The following discussion analyzes some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers, highlighting their striking features in terms of their architectural design and construction materials that have made some to stand the test of time and consequently revealing how they have evolved from 19th to 21st century. Such skyscraper included here are Chrysler Building in New York… View Article

The Island at the Center of the World

It is not uncommon that many students are taught that the colony of New Amsterdam had a short-lived non revolutionary life before the British takeover in 1664, but Russell Shorto contradicts that with recently unearthed Dutch records and his book The Island at the Center of the World. This story focuses on the New Netherlands… View Article

Awareness about the Energy Sources of the World

Energy supply refers to the process of combining resources through natural or artificial means in order to manipulate energy and use it for several human applications. Energy simply describes the ability of a matter to perform work. From an economist point of view, energy dictates the evolution of industries and civilizations in the world thus,… View Article

Myth’s Function in the Public World

The four main objectives are more extensive than is necessary. From other research and revitalization projects, the main objectives include the commercial enterprise (vacancies) inventory and the communities and surrounding areas population ideal of the area. In fact, having a private investor interested in the area is better than most areas. Many central business districts… View Article

Champion of the World

Maya Angelou’s Champion of the World and Amy Tan’s Fish Cheeks both deal with racial differences within America. Angelou’s piece presented what it was like for African-Americans during a significant event in the middle of the apartheid – the bout between Joe Louis, the World Champion, and his white contender. Through the use of two… View Article

Ending Poverty in the Third World

Poverty continues to be a large part of the third world countries, affecting many people’s wellbeing and country stability in the new millennium, despite many strategies put in place to alleviate the poor status. Due to the continued prominent place of poverty in the third world countries, significant strategies are coming up comprising of political,… View Article

Necessary and possible

Among the countless present that God endowed to men, the gift of life is the most superb of all. Everything around here on Earth is alive, and so it is our task to take good care of this grant. Reflecting on this idea, each of us must act in a way that propagates it, thus… View Article

Honor often missing in political world

Disgraceful but true. Many political analysts convey that honor no longer exist in many politicians. Though the word ‘honorable’ often attached to their names the integrity of their role vanish. We can only count politicians who never bend nor exchange their principles and have hold and fight for their honor. Many officials lost their honor… View Article

Increasing instability in the world

EU has been aggressively fighting to keep control of its borders for national security, economic and cultural reasons. Human rights activists are as keen to morally and legally compel EU to open its borders since restrictive policies have resulted in death and graver human rights violations to political refugees. The thesis of the paper is,… View Article

Century World Affairs

The Caribbean Island of Cuba became a republic after its liberation from Spain at the hands of the USA. American presence, both in military, financial and diplomatic terms however continued as a means of providing stability and solvency to the island nation. The Cuban President’s were incompetent and unpopular with the general populace, thus, producing… View Article

Compare to the Modern World

The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli is a political treatise that gives a vivid account of the means rulers adapt to gain power, or to maintain power. In the context of modern politics, The Prince has often been compared with Arthasastra by Kautilya. The relevance of the treatise goes beyond its time, and acts as a… View Article

Help change the world

I have always wanted to help change the world. As a child, I believed that if everyone did their own little part in taking that extra step to help others, the world would be a much better place for everyone. The stark reality of it all hit me not long after that but it did… View Article

The physical image of the world

As is well known, speculations about the structure of the universe were always contained in the cosmogonic models and philosophical systems developed by ancient civilizations. In Asia, in Africa, in Latin America, superb achievements were obtained by ancient societies – in their mythical approach to the study of nature, in their cultural monuments, in their… View Article

New World

One Spanish official remarked that “the maxim of the conqueror must be to settle. ” Explain what you think he meant by this statement. Illustrate the various ways conquerors settled the New World, commenting on what worked, what did not work, and consequences of those methods. The Spanish official’s remark could mean that the primary… View Article

The ancient cultures of the world

Food plays a very important role in the development of civilizations and cultures. The cultures that were able to come up with abundant food supply were able to raise large populations that aided in them being able to control large empires. The less sufficient populations were easily conquered by the others. It is clear that… View Article

Mathematics in Our World

This is a type of service offered by financial firms such as credit unions, banks, savings and loans firms. Advantages It enables people to withdraw their money from a federally protected account. While banks vary as regards terms of check accounts, it has another advantage that holders of checking accounts pay debts with personal checks… View Article

Dealing with a Uni-Polar World

The world today is undeniably uni-polar which is in fact brought forth by years and decades of competition in the past among countries aiming for global dominance. Specifically, the most recent of such would be the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. While the use of military force or the presence… View Article

The world of programming

In the world of programming today, open source is one world that has made a great impact all around the world. Programmers all over the world have two completely different schools of thoughts. One of them states that the technology should be easy to use, and less functions that can be programmed easily, whereas on… View Article

The Muslim World

World is divided into different divisions depending upon the economic conditions, race, culture and most importantly religion. The division of world is more evident after the September 11 attacks into Muslim world and anti-Muslim world. The political ideology and attitudes were now deeply rooted among the individuals also. “The anti-Muslim attitudes of West united the… View Article

Books Are Best Friends

Introduction: Book is our real and best friend. It gives us knowledge and pleasure. It is the main element of education. Our worldly friend may give us but book never gives us. Kinds: There are different kinds and different sizes of books in the world. They are the books of story, books of drama, books… View Article

Diversity makes up the world

Diversity makes up the world that we are living in. It basically exists for us to be able to have a dose of reality and how the world truly is. Variety in every thing symbolizes freedom, it illustrates how each and every one of us is unique in our own complex manner, and it represents… View Article

World War II

During the Eisenhower administration many changes were taking place in American culture. Following World War II, the country experienced a period of industrialization and growth like never before, especially in terms of the economy and the American family. Post- World War II the so-called “baby boom” occurred, a period when birth rates rose as a… View Article

A Critical Analysis of Anthony Giddens’ “Runaway World”

The ideas in Anthony Giddens’ “Runaway World” were initially presented at the 1999 Reith Lectures. Later on these ideas were further developed in a book with the same title. The lecture opens with a discussion on the nature of global change, in which Giddens specified his position on globalization in contrast to two commonly held… View Article