world Essay Topics

Tonnage of the world

A View From The Bridge is about a family, who live in Red Hook, “…the gullet of New York,” which swallows the “tonnage of the world.” This family of three, comprising of an Uncle, Aunty and niece, are ordinary working class citizens who try to deal with some common, and uncommon problems in their lives…. View Article

Real world

Catherine is a bubbly young girl who wants to experience the real world. She is open and always ready to love or be loved. She doesn’t really have much experience of this until she meets Rodolfo. Until now her only real male relationship has been with Eddie. This has been fine until eddies feelings change,… View Article

Do we have to learn to think scientifically to understand the world?

Perhaps everyone would agree that one has to learn in order to understand the world and events happening around him. Understanding does not come at once. However, there are several new questions arising when we think about the essay question. First of all, to what extent can thinking be learnt? When can one say that… View Article

The Battle of Britain

The world at war was a twenty six part documentary series produced between 1971 and 1974 by Jeremy Isaacs of Thames Television. It features many key interview subjects from the common soldier in the armies to major figures in the war. The series was proved popular and controversial when it was first broadcasted in 1974,… View Article

What is development?

Development is a political theory, which traces its origins back to the aftermath of the Second World War. On January 29 1949, Harry Truman, President of the United States of America famously referred to the Southern hemisphere as being “underdeveloped areas”1 and that it was the duty of Western states to assist them in developing…. View Article

The Third World

The Third World still has the problem that although it must import its food, as individual countries in a global market they are small time players. “The countries which harbour the hungry play only a modest role in international food trade, because they lack the financial means to import large amounts of food … consequently, these… View Article

Brave New World

I am a drug user, as is the bulk of society. Whether it be coffee or cocaine, any mind altering substance is defined as a drug. Even food these days is designed with addictive properties to make us want more, and thus, buy more. Illicit drug dealers have the same aim. The product is filled… View Article

Carol Ann Duffy’s The World’s Wife

Carol Ann Duffy’s The World’s Wife is a collection of poems mainly based around legend, myth and fairytale. All of these poems feature male characters or references to them. Little Red Cap, the first poem featured in the collection uses the story of Little Red Riding Hood to portray men as wolves ‘In his wolfy drawl, a paperback… View Article

Natural world threatening

On the whole, Plath finds the natural world threatening. ’ In the light of this statement, compare the ways in which Plath and Hughes write about the natural world. You must include in your response detailed reference to ‘The Moon and the Yew Tree’ and to at least one other poem. ’ The natural world… View Article

Workout World problem

Fourth, independent owners do not follow a unified working time of seven in the morning to seven in the afternoon. Some operates on this working but do not. It creates so much confusion. Fifth, the strength of teamwork is gone. The central problem is the “huge bureaucracy developing and this is having negative effect on… View Article

God’s World

The “Zaabalawi” was written by Naguib Mahfouz (1911-2006) and published on 1963 in the collection of stories, God’s World (Dunya Allah). The central character is afflicted with a disease that no doctors or any other human being can cure. Written in the first person, the narrator remembered during his childhood a folktale saying that there… View Article

Critical Analysis of Woodrow Wilson: World Statesman

Kendrick A. Clements’ Woodrow Wilson: World Statesman provides the reader with a biography of Woodrow Wilson’s life from his birth in Virginia in 1856 until his death on February 3, 1924. Twayne Publishers as part of their “Twentieth-Century American Biography Series” published this book in 1987. This series of books is intended for scholars, graduate… View Article

World Situation Scope

IA – Review of the World Situation Scope This paper will focus its attention on the CIA’s assessment of the world situation in regards to terrorism. The focus of the paper will be the September 11th attacks made on American soil as well as go into the history of Al Qaeda, their resources for planning… View Article

Brave New World

Joyce Carol Oates was inspired to write “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? ” after reading an account in Life magazine of a charismatic but insecure young man who had enticed and then killed several girls in Tucson, Arizona, during the early 1960s. Transformed into fiction, this story was first published by the… View Article

CIA-The World Factbook

As a member of the Arab League, an organization, of Arab States founded in 1945, Syria joined the Arab States in the War against Israel in 1948; and since then the two countries have been at war. Despite the defeat of the Arab army in 1948, there was another Arab- Israeli war, June of 1967…. View Article