Workplace Essay Topics

Persuasive Essay Workplace With Thesis

Thesis Statement:                         Disagreements in the work place are sometimes the effect of miscommunication. Although there are techniques to conquer it, we still cannot deny the fact that due to individual differences, fights or arguments just normally takes place that is why effective communication is needed within the workplace. We can never deny the fact… View Article

Political Science link with English

Abstract The main purpose of this paper is to provide the reader a clear understanding on the political views on estrangement. This will further be discussed by comparing and also contrasting the different views of Aristotle and Hobbe. And how might each of these philosophers have analyzed the problems on Pitcairn Island. Political Science link… View Article

Conduct regular workplace

In the United States, human rights violation against children is especially prevalent against those in agriculture work. These children start working in the farm, as early as twelve years of age. They are driven to work due to extreme poverty. Most of them are also children of farm workers. They are forced to work to… View Article

Professional Workplace Dilemma

I got a job with one of the local companies in the country before I enrolled for a Bachelors Degree course at the University. I had to attend school and at the same time do the job. I decided to be attending the evening classes so that I could work during the day. The conflict… View Article

Genetic Testing at the Workplace

There are several moral, ethical, legal, social and cultural issues with genetic screening at the workplace. The employers would like to subject their employees to genetic testing as they would like to know the genetic weaknesses and problems that an individual may have an according employ the individual or dismiss him (in case the employee… View Article

Government Intervention in the Workplace and Economic Development

In a free economic system, the decisions made by the buyers and decisions made by the suppliers, determine equilibrium prices and levels of output, in a free market. Scarce resources are thus allocated according to the competing pressures of demand and supply. An increase in demand of a product, signals the producers to increase the… View Article

Creating Sustainable Workplace

Thinking more broadly about sustainability (see above), reflect on your personal life. How sustainable is your life style? What can you do to make it more sustainable? Write your responses to these questions. Based on the aforementioned definitions and descriptions of sustainability, it is important to put emphasis personal sustainability for it is the aspect… View Article

Creativity in the Workplace

Creativity plays an important role in the development of new and innovative ideas. Having this kind of skill is necessary in the success of most businesses. However, producing creative ideas is not that easy. It is not something that could easily be created in an individual’s mind as compared with other skills wherein specializing in… View Article

Culture and workplace ethics

Culture in the workplace has very little to do with the well known culture of literature, music and art. In the workplace, culture actually refers to the shared work environment, belief systems, behavior expectations and expected efforts, all of which usually characterize a certain organization or business enterprise. The work setting culture mainly includes things… View Article

Workplace Culture

Work place culture is important in many aspects of employees’ wellbeing. A positive work place that takes due consideration of its employees in indicating its policies supports employees in lowering levels of stress, achieving higher levels of job satisfaction, reducing conflicts in work and social lives as well as increasing levels of one’s commitment and… View Article