Working with Adults with Enduring Mental Illness Essay

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Working with Adults with Enduring Mental Illness

The truth about working with people with mental illness cannot be fully understood from a simple conversation with people who deal with the mentally disturbed. However, having an in-depth conversation with them for an extended period of time may somehow shed light on the realities of handling adult patients whose minds are permanently incapacitated. Only by truly understanding their situation can a person realize that it is not easy living in their shoes. As an occupational therapy student, it is highly important to learn and understand the difficulties that I may encounter in dealing with mentally ill adults.

Through this study, I would be able to learn about the kinds of relationship occupational therapists may have with their patients and the impact of attachment on their relationship. I would also be able to gain an understanding of the work-related problems such as emotional stress which are tied with their job and gain an understanding of their behavior and actions towards their clients. At this point, this published article helps the people in the same industry to have knowledge regarding this issue with the clients and the hard life they might experience when they enter the industry.

The people of the same occupation and work will have the understanding that the responsibilities and demands that come with this job is not a piece of cake. On the contrary, many of them are suffering not only from physical pain but also from emotional pains. Title of the Study The most important part of a paper or a study is the title since it establishes a link to the topic and the idea being discussed. The readers who use the title as the basis in deciding what book or paper to read will find that the title of this article is easy to understand and attention-grabbing. It shows a direct link between the study and the issue it addresses.

Although the title is long, it does not necessarily mean that it is not as effective as the articles with short titles. The length of the title does not justify its readability or importance of the paper. What matters the most is that it delivers an accurate and informative title for the readers, which the title of this publication was able to achieve. Informative Abstract An abstract is a part of the paper that holds a very important role. It provides a general idea of what the readers can expect from the paper. It also gives the readers an overview of the important things about the paper.

Through an abstract, the readers and researchers would be able to determine whether the article contains what they are looking for. At the same time, it gives clarity and tells the importance of the study. The abstract of the article was not labeled by the author. Instead, it was placed as simple as it is on the first page before the title and was placed in the paper with a background to show distinction from the rest of the paragraphs. As the author did not properly label the abstract section, the background was the one which laid the difference and the understanding that this part of the paper is not like the others.

Aside from the absence of the word abstract, there are no other problems or issues in this part of the paper. The abstract provides the important points of the study. At the same time, it shows that there is indeed a problem by raising it in the abstract thus, providing the readers with a clear description of the issue. Although it does not contain all the important points, it gives a very good summary of the study. Thus, it helps the reader understand what the paper is about and its importance. Introduction The introduction of the paper does not actually talk what the paper is all about.

It simply introduces the topic and later on it addresses the issue, but it is not as simple as that. The introduction of the study has the role of informing the readers that there is indeed a problem. Setting it aside from the literature review which gathers almost all materials about the study to justify the importance and relevance of the topic in the present day, the introduction, on the other hand, holds the explanation about the topic alone, excluding the other points which are discussed in the literature review.

The introduction talks about the problem and why it should be studied. In this study, the introduction contains the definitions of so many words which are very much related to the study, eliminating confusion with the terms used in the paper. Since we are looking for an introduction which completely holds the background of the study, the aims and the purpose and the research question, this study proved that it was well-written by the researcher. Moreover, all the pertinent information was not placed and squeezed in one paragraph.

The author broke down the information into a few paragraphs which discuss everything that the readers should know before knowing the method and the result of the research. Methodology Methodology sums up the research design and the procedure. In this case, it is better and safe to say that the methodology is one of the most technical parts of the paper, since it deals with research proper. Unlike common papers, this research paper is not just a study of a topic which tackles more about what is in our present but a study of a life of a person who takes care of people with mental illness.

Thus, there is a need to be careful with the method to use. The methodology section of this paper is divided into five important parts such as the method, participants, materials, procedure, and the data analysis. Each part of this section provides a discussion about each heading. While the method talks about the approach used by the researcher, the second part of the Methods section talks about the criteria raised by the researchers to have the participants with the same level of experience.

On the other hand, the section on materials talks about the things which were used throughout the whole research proper such as interview schedules and questionnaires, while procedure discusses the flow of the research, including the interview proper and the transcriptions of the recorded interview with the participants. The last part of this section, the data analysis, is devoted to the description of the process used to analyze the whole output. Result The result of the study was clearly presented in two tables which show the findings of the research made. Aside from this, the author provided an explanation of the results of the study.

In this way, the readers would be able to understand the figures better. When it comes to the accuracy of the result, we should know that the researcher did it in the way that the researchers thought was right. To be correct with the results, the researchers consult other researches or studies to make sure of the accuracy of their result. Thus, this makes us realize that the findings of the research are indeed a good thing because they are informative and they provide figures which help the researchers and the readers to know why something like the emotional stress that occupational therapists happen.

The accuracy of the paper and the results depends on how effective the method they used was n their study. Discussion The discussion of the study provides an interpretation of the results of the research based on the theories discussed in the literature review. Thus, it contains speculations which may be inaccurate or biased. However, the researcher or the author of this study was never biased in sharing the interpretation in this study as seen in the Discussion part of the paper.

Furthermore, the author did her best to clearly share the results in the discussion with no hesitation and gave a clearer view on the problem. Conclusion The conclusion is not as vague as the other conclusion of other researches. In this paper, the researcher gave a brief and concise conclusion and aligned it to the aims and purpose of the study. It addresses the researcher’s question despite the fact that there are so many limitations in the study since the researchers had only a number of participants which does not constitute a high percentage of the occupational therapists in the industry.

What was important was that it was able to answer the question and it is not difficult to understand. It raises questions which are very important in the occupational therapy industry. References The references were stated clearly on the last page of the paper. Thus, the citations were also clearly posted in every borrowed word from the sources. With regards to the article’s originality, despite the fact that the author used so many references, she was able to explain the concepts using her own words.

When it comes to the reliability of her sources, the writer used other studies and journals that are relevant in the research and the topic she was doing. Conclusion Summing up the whole paper, we must understand that the author of this study rely the message of the research as it should be with a hope that it will be helpful in the occupational therapy industry. The article does not highlight any event that will change the occupational therapy industry, but it does help to make things a lot better in the said occupation as adds another discovery in the industry.

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