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Many college students today work part-time. Employment during school could improve grades if working promotes aspects that correspond with academic success, such as industriousness or time management skills, or instead reduce grades by reducing time and energy available for schoolwork. Otherwise, working might be associated with academic performance, yet not directly influence it, if unobserved student differences influence both labor supply and grades. Unmotivated students might neither work for pay nor receive good grades because they put little effort into the labor market or school.

In contrast, students uninterested in academics might work long hours that would otherwise have been devoted to leisure. Students might misjudge the link between college achievement and future earnings when making labor supply decisions. If so, obtaining a consistent estimate of how such decisions affect academic performance is prospectively important for policy consideration. A student refers to someone who is formally engaged in learning, especially the one who is enrolled in a school or college. You would call an individual a student if he or she is a learner.

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Employment then correlates to jobs, vocation, profession, and etc. W would you then define ‘working student’? On another person’s mind, they would think of it as a student who engages in learning and working at the same time. It does not matter what nature of work it would be. Many college students today work part time. Their reason for working is mostly due to the fact that they lack the financial support they need. Few would reason out that they only needed the extra income for personal leisure.

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Parents would normally support their child for their education.

In relation to the increasing price in college tuition, many families face difficulties in financing their children’s education. Due to the increase in poverty, a majority of all the youths nationwide would be engaged in working earlier than expected. Some children may actually say that they are the only ones who support their family, but they would not let their dreams go to waste despite the hardship that they are going through. Whatever the reasons may be it would most likely end up in the most common conclusion; students today work because they need money.

The youths of this era would be more likely to work while studying if they are pursuing a better future for themselves. As stated before, not many are supported for their education. Due to this reason, students would conclude to thinking of engaging towards having an occupational status. Working students can refer themselves to the following: those who identify themselves as students but works part time in order to supply their personal and school needs, and those who are experienced workers who wish to take up college classes for further enhancements.

The Employment during school can have great effects in a student’s grades. It could either increase or decrease the chances of the improvement of one’s knowledge. It can improve grades if the environment of work corresponds with the academic nature of the student. The academic nature suggested can be the following: an on campus job may further spark a student’s interest in learning or it can provide further experience that can improve their future labor capabilities (J.Orszag; P. Orszag; D. Whitmore(2001)).

Lessening the improvements can also relate to the lack of time management skills and the focus to further enhance one’s studies. Selected people also say that the effect of working while in college varies by the type of job held by the student. The variation of effects can be dependent on many factors. However the results are, the student is more likely to react in accordance to how it is handled and viewed.

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