Working or Learning in a Place that Promotes Diversity Essay

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Working or Learning in a Place that Promotes Diversity

1. In relation to your chosen workplace / place of learning, provide examples of policies / codes of conduct that encourage and / or protect equality and diversity.

The organisation in which the policy and information are taken from is called Framework. They are a registered charity which support and help the homeless. I have been volunteering here for a few weeks.

The organisation has one policy on equality and diversity for all staff. Their policy includes details of: |

The policy statement lists their commitments to equality and diversity and how they want to be as an organisation. These are: •Develop services to achieve equality and diversity in all its activities •Aims to have a workforce that generally reflects the local population •Aims to offer services to the diverse client group that exists in the areas it serves •Understands how valuing diversity can improve our ability to deliver better services •Actively consults with all our service users to ensure that services which are provided •are responsive and reflect the diversity of need

•Provides all employees with the training and development they need to enable them to achieve organisational goals
•Challenges society’s attitude towards our client group

The organisation aims to ensure the policy is applied fully, fairly and consistently throughout the organisation. The organisation also recognises that everybody is different and an individual and states everybody must be treated with dignity and respect. Finally the organisation policy states they will take action to address discrimination and to promote and achieve diversity in employment and service.

2. In relation to your chosen workplace / place of learning, describe what is expected of members of staff who have specific responsibility for equality and diversity. Include information about their job titles and describe their responsibilities.

The corporate services director is responsible for ensuring the organisation’s equality and diversity policy is implemented throughout and reviewed on the agreed due date.

The human resources manager is responsible for ensuring the promotion of equality issues through recruitment, induction and training and regular assessment of the staff.

The duty manager is responsible for ensuring that they are up to date on current equality issues and aware of impact on service planning/policy development. To understand the overall impact of equality issues on the staff and customers across the service. To ensure accessibility of information in how it is presented, understood and communicated both internally and externally. To show leadership on the equality issues through their actions, standards set and own behaviour and recognising the impact of their own actions on others.

The team leader has to make sure fairness and equality exists in allocation of work amongst the whole team. To recognise issues within their team e.g. conflict, competence, and acting upon them in a fair and equitable way. Identify when an individual or their team needs additional support. To ensure the right climate is created where issues can be raised and will be listened to. Also to make sure equality issues raised are listened to and acted upon.

3. Describe what is broadly expected of all staff in relation to equality and diversity.

All employees must recognise the impact of their actions on others in the workplace. They must be able to change their behaviour when required to ensure fairness and equality. All staff members should take responsibility for their own understanding of equality issues by seeking advice both from supervisors and managers or by undertaking more training to gain a better understanding.

All staff members are expected to treat all members of staff and clients with dignity, be polite, courteous and avoid discriminatory behaviour.

4. Based on the work you have done in Question 1 – 3; write a short summary of what you have discovered in terms of the organisation’s work on equality and diversity.

The organisation is very aware that equality and diversity is very important for the company to succeed. As this organisation is in the social care sector I think it knows that to succeed it must be up-to-date and efficient when stating their policies and achieving them to. The policy for the organisation is impressive and covers vast areas of how equality and diversity should be seen within the company and the employees. They give the impression of taking equality and diversity very seriously and they expect all members of the organisation to follow. The policy is clear and concise and easy to be able to follow and implement.

5. Describe how equality and diversity is monitored within your chosen place of work / learning.

When a job is advertised, the organisation includes a form about equal opportunities which describes to the potential employees about their commitments to equal opportunities in the workplace and also a form asking their ethnic origin, disability and gender so they can measure and know the people who are applying for the vacancies.

When at another organisation the employee was asked to complete a questionnaire about how fair they thought the organisation was in terms of equality amongst everybody. For example a question was; do you think there is equal opportunities for those who wish to apply for promotion in their department? The staff was asked to explain the reason for their answers and after the questionnaire the organisation collated and evaluated the questions ready to make improvements in areas that the staff felt were lacking.

6. Prepare a short report on how your chosen place of work / study promotes (communicates) policies and practices for equality and diversity to employees and external stakeholders (such as customers and the community). Provide specific examples.

Firstly the employee handbook communicates to all staff members’ policies and practices that must be carried out when working in the organisation. The employee handbook also states each employee’s role and responsibilities for equality and diversity.

As the organisation deals with clients and the community on a daily basis, they have created booklets for clients and the public that state their equality and diversity policy as an organisation as well as stating what they may expect when in contact with company staff members.

7. Describe the organisation’s punishments or sanctions for any breech in the policies / codes of practice / guidelines where equality and diversity are concerned.

The organisation has a three point system for any employee that has breached any policies or codes of practice. The first point is given as a verbal warning and is given in a formal meeting with the employee and two of the managers, usually the general manager and the duty manager. The second point is given in the form of a written warning letter after another meeting. If the employee still does not follow company policies and codes of conduct then manager has the right to dismiss the employee without notice. Alternatively any employee with breaks codes of conducts can be told to attend mandatory training to learn more about company guidelines and codes of practice.

8. Describe why the creation and maintenance of an environment that promotes and ensures equality and diversity is desirable. Describe the advantages for the organisation and provide examples.

An organisation that promotes and ensures equality and diversity is desirable for employees as a safe and equal place to work as they would feel that as an employee they are fairly equal to everybody else.

If the organisation is known to employ people with disabilities then it will be thought of better in the community for providing opportunities to all. As well as having people who feel positive towards the organisation.

If the organisation is fair towards everybody then the stress amongst staff will be lower and staff will feel more relaxed and willing to work in the environment. For example the organisation will experience less staff absences and staff that are willing to work together and effectively.

Overall the organisation will have an environment that is happy and efficient working

9. Describe the consequences for your chosen organisation of failing to create and maintain a diverse and equal environment. You should consider aspects such as:


Legally an organisation can face being hit with a fine or a law suit filed against them by the employee. The employee could take claim to an employment tribunal or even further to court where they could be represented by a union if they were a union member. The organisation may also be made to make specific changes in their workplace to benefit their employees.

Economically if the organisation is fined they could lose a big amount of money as possible compensation to the employee or court costs if it is found not to have a diverse environment. Possible clients and customers might not want to be in or deal with an organisation that are seen as unfair to staff and potentially everybody who deal with them. Also the organisation will become unpopular and when looking for new staff and customers, they will be at the bottom of the list as their popularity in the community will decrease.

Socially people will not accept the behaviours of the organisation if they are unfair and unequal, the behaviour will be seen as wrong and the organisation judged.

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