Working Of Google Analytics And Mobile Tracking Computer Science Essay

In This paper item of Google Analytics is briefly discussed. Working mechanism of Google Analytics that is how informations is collected, how informations is stored on waiter, how informations is calculated to bring forth studies so what the intent of Google Analytics is, what are the Features of it and how they are utile to users etc are besides discussed.

Web Analytics is a method for uninterrupted rating of your web site. You can better your web site ‘s public presentation through it.

Google Analytics acts as a tool for web Analytics. It generates informations sing visitants that come to your web site. You can cognize when visitant visited your site, where he came from, which browser he is utilizing, which runing system he is utilizing. All these inside informations can be generated by Google analytics. Thus it ‘s supplying easy manner for website holder to track their web page. Google Analytics besides enables site holders to cognize factors impacting their site ‘s public presentation.

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Merely by utilizing Google Analytics Tracking codification which is provided by Google, site holders can use this service.

Google Analytics Tracking codification besides known as GATC is written in JavaScript. You need to add GATC codification at the terminal of all pages you want to track.

When user petitions for any page web waiter responds by directing requested page back to user. At user side browser starts treating informations. When visitant ‘s browser reaches GATC codification it begins to put to death. During executing GATC collects properties of visitants and their browse environment.

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For illustration which browser he is utilizing, where he came from, which runing system he is utilizing. As shown in figure in step-1 visitant ‘s browser petition for ga.js file from web waiter. Once this file is loaded cookies are set and informations is sent to Google Analytics waiter. Data is sent to the waiter as question twine parametric quantity in _utm.gif file. When waiter receives this information it shops it in impermanent storage like log file.

Subsequently on informations in this log file are stored as value for prosodies and dimensions which are used to bring forth studies.

Working of Google Analytics Mobile Tracking

Figure2-How Google Analytics Mobile Tracking Code collects informations. [ 1 ]

The standard Google analytics tracking codification which is used to track

users can besides be used for nomadic trailing. But Google Analytics Tracking Code depends on JavaScript and cookies which are non supported in many nomadic devices merely iphones and android phones support this engineering. Thus Mobile Tracking codification was developed.

In Mobile Tracking information is collected at server degree instead than at browser or device degree. Because codification collects informations at waiter degree it is necessary to implement codification in the linguistic communication you have implemented your web application. Mobile tracking codification can be implemented in four linguistic communications: ASP, php, Java and Perl.

As shown in this figure in Step-1 it is described that site is built in php. To track this site you need to add PHP codification before the & A ; lt ; HTML & A ; gt ; of all pages and a little block of PHP codification before the shutting & A ; lt ; /BODY & A ; gt ; ticket.

When waiter processes first PHP block it generates URL that contains information about the visitant. This URL is set in the img ticket of HTML. Now as shown in Step-2 through this img ticket petition for ga.php file is made. This file collects the informations and sends it back to the Google Analytics waiter. This image passes informations back to net waiter where petition for _utm.gif image is made.

Once information has been collected it is non process in the same manner as standard tracking codification. Because Google can non specify certain properties of visitants when tracking a nomadic web site as nomadic phones do n’t back up cookies.

Datas Processing:

Data is collected at Google Analytics server side in log file. To treat this information Google Analytics store it in the signifier of Prosodies and Dimensions.

Metric is fundamentally numeral value, for illustration entire visitants, clip spent on page

Dimension is similar field of tabular array, for illustration Browser type, twenty-four hours, connexion velocity. It specifies properties of an point.

Classs of Prosodies:


It contains prosodies that specify entire figure of visits, how many times individual user has visited your web site and many more visitants ‘ related informations.

Political campaign:

It describes run related inside informations, for illustration adClicks that

shows how many times user clicked on an advertizement on your web page.


It contains merely individual metric named uniquepageviews that is

alone page positions within one visit.


It defines dealing related prosodies such as entire figure of


Internal Search:

This class is dedicated to understand use of internal hunt engine in your web site. If your web site contains big figure of merchandise pages so search engine can be used to seek peculiar merchandise and hunt keywords specified in hunt engine are utile for selling. SearchDuration, Searchexists are within this class.


It shows how many ends you have achieved that you have

specified in your profile. GoalCompletitions, GoalCompletitionsAll etc

prosodies are in end Category.


As metric is numeral drumhead Event metric by and large shows entire

figure of events occurred on your page, entire figure of alone events.

Classs of Dimensions:


Assorted properties of users like Browser they are utilizing, metropolis to which they belong are included in this class.

Political campaign:

It includes dimensions that define keywords your web site is utilizing for

run, and other run related properties.


Web page related dimensions are classified in Content class, for illustration pageTitle, pagePath.


Dimensions that can be used to bring forth dealing are included here, for ex.productName, productcategory.

Internal Search:

It depicts properties of hunt engine like, searchCategory -category

used for seeking.

Custom-made Variables:

It allows you to specify usage variables.


This class Lashkar-e-Taiba you define events and actions to be taken when event occurs.


It includes dimensions that specify to which run or to which

group your adWord belongs.


Proper combination of prosodies and dimensions are used to bring forth studies. Reports enable you to look into users ‘ behavior more expeditiously and rapidly.

Reference- [ hypertext transfer protocol: // ]

Reports can be inbuilt or usage.


It is straight generated by Google Analytics.

Custom-made Report:

Here you have to stipulate proper dimensions and prosodies and based on that studies are generated.

Features of Google Analytics

Ecommerce Trailing:

Through Ecommerce tracking big figure of studies are generated that will assist website holders to cognize their client ‘s pick. Owner can cognize which merchandise clients like and which they do n’t wish. Ecommerce trailing is really valuable for marketing intent. To utilize this characteristic you need to somewhat modify your criterion Tracking Code. Add following Transaction subdivision and Item subdivision in Tracking Code.

_gaq.push ( [ ‘_addTrans ‘ , Transac_attribute1, . , Transac_attributen )

_gaq.push ( [ ‘_addItem ‘ , Item_attribute1, .. , .Item_attributen ) [ 2 ]

Here Transaction attributes can be OrderID, revenue enhancement and Item Attributes can be

Merchandise Name, Quantity, Price.

Cross-Domain Trailing:

When users move from one sphere to another they are considered as new

visitant on each page. If you want to see multiple entries as individual

entry so cross sphere trailing is used. You can track alone user across

multiple sphere. Using this characteristic you can track users across sphere and

its bomber sphere, across multiple bomber spheres. For cross sphere tracking

you need to modify standard tracking codification.

Event Trailing:

Using Event tracking characteristic you can track assorted events on your page.

Interaction with picture participant or sound participant etc event can track with

Google Analytics.You can track all utilizing following JavaScript codification:

_gaq.push ( [ ‘_trackEvent ‘ , class, action, optional_label, optional

_value ] ) ; [ 3 ]

Class: Object you want to track, for illustration picture, sound.

Action: Action you want to track that is drama, stop etc.

Last two Fieldss are optional.


Every web site proprietor should utilize Google Analytics so they can cognize where their web site deficiencies and better upon that country. Site holders can besides cognize what their users like and what they do non like and based on it they can better public presentation of their web site. Currently Google Analytics is widely used for marketing intent.

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