Do I think working mothers have a negative effect on their children? Well, yes and no. In the older days, most women were homemakers/caregivers who stayed home and looked after the house and kids (Dynamics, 2013). Now, in modern times, many women are getting out of the kitchen and going to work to provide a living for their family. Some women have little to no choice, and if they had the option to stay home would most likely choose that option over going to a job they may or may not like every day.

Then, you may have some women who are natural born leaders and thrive in working environments where they feel empowered to do more, so they enjoy their jobs and prefer to work. Either way, the choices do provide negative and positive effects on children.

Positive effects on children

A stay at home mother who disheartened about her life cannot be a positive influence in her kid’s lives.

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A mother who is working who possess a sense of job satisfaction and accomplishment will function as an excellent example for her children. The kids will be more motivated to pursue their goals and dreams. Mothers who effectively manage work and family will implant sensible work ethic into her children. They may particularly facilitate their daughters to break stereotypes and work for what’s important, and there needs to accomplish things.

Working mothers tend to juggle a long list of activities. They highly encourage their kids to develop responsibility.

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When both parents work, this is where family members and friends come in. They tend to carry their active role in the family’s life. Many times, the children are introduced to and obtain other skills and developments from this engagement; that they may have never learned from their home environment. Raising kids more independently prepares them for the real-world and instill in them a sense of responsibility and meaning.

Most working mothers try to make extra time to atone for the amount of time spent away from their child while they worked. As a result, because kids lack the time spent with their parents, they usually look forward to the quality time that is made. One thing to note is that kids whose parents work do not take the time available lightly thus they typically enjoy the time spent while kids who have a stay-at-home mom will get accustomed to spending time with their mom usually and won’t be as excited. On the contrary, the advantages that include parents working throughout their kid’s childhood, are being financially capable of sending their children to the best schools that their money can buy or being in the position to provide their kids with personal extra-curricular interests that could instill a sense of security and belonging.

Negative effects on children

I believe mothers who work outside the home may have a negative effect on their children mostly indirectly. In the United States, seventy-seven percent of mothers work full-time jobs (Labor, 2018). One negative aspect to consider is poor-quality day care centers. These services can have a significant effect and hamper a child’s social and emotional development. Unqualified and over-burdened employees and poor and cheap facilities at the childcare facility could have a substantial impact on your child’s psychological, emotional, and physical health. Mothers may feel over-worked and exhausted of trying to balance work and family. With these conditions mothers often, are so frustrated they bring those negative feelings home and as a result make the child form a negative attitude.

Mothers, in spite of having their child’s best interests at heart, would possibly fail to provide their kids a secure emotional outlet. A lot of times after a long hard day at work parents are not too enthusiastic about hearing their children’s problems. In such cases, children may find other outlets to seek refuge to because they may feel their parents don’t have the time or any interest in their lives. In some instances, issues could arise between married parents in particular cases such as the mother’s employment. Parental conflict such as these can affect children negatively as well. It could lower their self-esteem and could make the child feel insecure.

A stay-at-home mother who is miserable about her position would fail to be the perfect mother. In contrast, many moms would find happiness in staying at home with their children and prove to be the ideal mom. The most vital aspect of a child’s well-being and development are the mother’s sense of satisfaction and the amount of valuable time spent with her child. If a working mother can guarantee that her kids are taken care of and loved for, then she shouldn’t feel guilty about her way of doing things. It is the love shown and quality of parenting that matters.

A review from a study of 50 years of research found that regardless of the mother’s employment, mothers who worked before the child reach age three did not have behavior, academic, or anxiety issues when compared to stay at home mothers (Covert, 2014). All in all, women can be amazing mothers regardless of whether they are working or stay at home mothers. So, to answer the question do working mothers provide a negative effect on their children; in this paper, I have presented the positives and negatives effects of working mothers so ultimately, I don’t believe the negative effect impacts the ultimate result.

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