Working Mother Essay

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Working Mother

Working mothers should be given no pay leave to take care of their families. Do youagree? Give your opinion. You should write at least 350 words. NO PAY LEAVE FOR WORKING MOTHERSWorking mothers, as a label, refers to women who are mothers and who workoutside the home for income in addition to the work they perform at home on raisingtheir children. Unlike stay at home mothers, working mothers spread themselvesreally thin trying to juggle work life and home life. So, I strongly agree that workingmothers should be given no pay leave. In this essay, I will emphasize benefits ongiving no pay leave for working mothers in terms of stability and consistency athome, cost savings and experiencing special moments.First and foremost, children function best in their world by knowing that thereis stability and consistency at home.

As children grow from infancy to school age,they are learning all about life and what to expect from their parents. So, having amother home can be a huge benefit to their sense of self-esteem and having a sensethat they are cared for and loved. For example, having a mother home to take careof them if they are sick or even later when they get back home from school.Therefore, it is good that working mothers be given no pay leave so they can takecare of their families and very specifically their children.Secondly, although living on one salary can be challenging if parents are usedto having two salaries, there are numerous ways that a stay at home mother can becost efficient for the family budget. For instance, one of the biggest savings is for thechild care. Cost for full-time child care can range from RM400 to almost double thatamount each month. In addition, stay at home mothers can save on other expensessuch as gas, laundry and transportation for work.

Hence, if working mothers aregiven the green light to take no pay leave and become stay at home mothers, I ampositive that numerous costs can be cut.Last but not least, one of the biggest treasures of staying at home withchildren is sharing in all the first moments. As a mother, watching daily changes of their children as he or she grows is amazing. Take for example the first smile, firstword and first step are all huge landmarks in the life of the baby. If mothers are tooabsorbed with workforce and have little time to tend to their children, they are likelyto miss out in those special first moments of their babies development.

Thus, byallowing mothers to take no pay leave, they can spend ample time at home with their children experiencing special moments.In a nutshell, I am in favour of proposing that working mothers be given nopay leave and become stay at home mothers so they can fulfil their duties andobligations as a mother. Working mothers should be given the opportunity to stay athome so they can take care of their children, to guide them in this challenging worldand to help them face the future so that their children can contribute productively tothe achievement of Vision 2020 once they grow up. (516 words)

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