Working in Teams

Working in a team can be beneficial and helpful to any organization. Teamwork can help projects to move along faster and better as long as the team is an effective team. However teams do not always turn out to be affective as others. There are several reasons why teams are not affective, for instance lack of organization and communication amongst team members can cause the team to be ineffective. In the next few minutes we are going to discuss the video “Working in Teams”.

We will be discussing three principles for evaluating effective team work, and whether the “team” in the video is effective or not. Later we will discuss Tuckman’s five stages of group formation and evaluate the individuals in the video and whether or not the individual is a team. In the video, half of the team members had to clarify what they were unable to do, when it had come to the fourth member of the team, the leader was rude to him asking if he had any complaints as well.

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Another problem that the group was having was that she was in a constant hurry through the meeting to get back to her personal business.

Rosa and Simon were unorganized and did not get their agenda, so they went into the meeting without their copy of the agenda. The behaviors that the group possessed were inappropriate and rude to one another . Tuckman’s five stages of formation include forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning. In the forming stage of formation is the most important stage in order to create and form a group.

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This stage’s primary concern is the entry of the team members into the group. This stage of group formation is the initial meeting and getting to know each other stage. In this stage the group will learn and see what behaviors are allowed and which ones should not be allowed. The storming stage of group forming is the stage that can have the highest amounts of stress and tension that exists between the group members. In this stage the expectations of the group will be clarified as well as the group members beginning to understand one another’s interpersonal styles. Tuckman’s third stage of group formation is the norming stage sometimes called the initial integration. In this stage the group will really get together and start working in harmony with each other .

The performing stage is the fourth step in group formation. In this stage the group should be well on its way to achieving the project. This stage should now have a stable structure and the group should be able to handle harder tasks and group disagreements in creative ways making the group work even more in harmony. The final stage of Tuckman’s group formation is the adjourning stage. By the time the group enters the final stages of formation they should be able to have completed work accomplished. At the end of this stage the group will disband as long as it is only a temporary group. Based on the video “Working in Teams” the group is not a team. Rosa and Simon were full of complaints and did not want to take any tasks that they were asked to take. The team was more worried about the work load that they were going to have instead of trying to learn what the agenda was. The people in the people spent time talking and complaining about the project, the work that needed to be done and their personal problems. The leader should look more at people that are motivated to work and make the workplace a better place instead of choosing the people that he had chosen.

This group of people cannot be classified as a team because they were not willing to work together instead they were more likely to put all the work on the leader or another member of the group. Within a group the one thing that we should be is polite and willing to help one another instead of what the personal issues are. There are many things that a group must do in order to achieve good team work. When teams work through the stages of formation they are more like to have successful results with the finished product.

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