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Working in groups Essay

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1) Explain the difference types of groups that suit in the workplace


Formal groups can be addressed to the staff as a whole, to selected groups of employees or to an individual in the company; such examples can be job appraisal procedures, reports, consultative document, etc.

Informal groups in this way means ‘talking’ but a two-way communication process in all its forms. These groups serve a counter organizational function, attempting to offset in a business.

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Short term is when an employee is working for a short period of time where as long term is when an employee is work more then that. Being in a group for a shirt time may not give the group all its best, but this can only change by stay for a long period of time.


Discussion groups that meet regularly to identify problems consider alternative solutions and recommend them to management. This forms an important part of a company’s programme of continuous improvement. Quality circles may be summarised as following:

* They are small groups of workers who meet voluntarily and appoint their own group leader.

* They meet on a regular basis, often after work

* They are usually from the same work area

* Their purpose is to identify, investigate, analyse and solve- related problems.

* They present their solutions the management.

2) Why is it of important to mangers & individuals to encourage working in groups or teams?

It is important for to mangers & individuals to work in groups or teams because this can:

* Increase listening skills

* Shared work load

* Work is completed quick

* Increase motivation

* Shared ideas

* Shared responsibility

* Developing team confidence

* Problem solving

* Specific skills

3) Explain fully Belbins team theory.

Belbin team roles describe a pattern of behaviour that characterises one person’s behaviour in relationship to another in facilitating the progress of a team.

The value of Belbin team-role theory lies in enabling an individual or team to benefit from self-knowledge and adjust according to the demands being made by the external situation.

Identifying a person’s team Role helps:

* Improve self awareness and personal effectiveness.

* Foster mutual trust and understanding between work colleagues.

* Team selection and team building.

* Match people to jobs more effectively.

Managers must understand that people bring more than their skills and experience to a team, they bring their personalities as well. Utilizing people’s behavioural strengths to create a balanced team adds greatly to both group and personal performance.

It shows that although each team member in an example team has a functional role, they also have team roles. These are critical to the team’s success.

Belbin explains that teams with fewer members may need people to perform dual roles. He shows how behavioural skills can be assessed and how, with care, teams can be constructed that take account of hierarchies as well as personal interaction.

4) Why is it useful ensuring the success of working groups?

Work can be made more efficient. Mistakes are likely to be made which also means more ideas are created. A feeling of belonging can be created which could also lead them to be motivated and this creates a better atmosphere. Extra work can be don which can have a knock on effect on any other groups if any. This may lead to increase of production and therefore increase of profit.

5) How do organizations use groups to achieve?

a) Targets

Groups are there two create ideas, plans and strategies. They can be part of these in order to achieve the target they are set. Each member of the group can be allocated a particular task, so the target is easier to achieve, this can help moral and motivation. This will then result in increased efficiency of completing the task

b) Share Skills

The work will be shared which makes it quicker to complete. This will motivate the employees to work quicker and faster and share all ideas amongst the group. Along with this is essential that work is shared with equal responsibility. Team confidence will build and problems which occur amongst the group can also be solved. Some people may have specific skills that others may not have; this can lead to good ideas, which can result of a good quality of work performance

c) Ideas & Goals

Ideas are taken 4rm all individuals in the group and then summarised and put together to make a big discussion or point. Every idea brought up can be widened out or also described as a schema. Employees will be motivated and the business will be come more successful. This will lead the business to become more higher ranked. The business will be getting the best of its ability of the group’s ideas, which will associate it to become more successful.

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