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Working in commercial media

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 4 (848 words)
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Explain giving examples how the reliance on journalists working in commercial media constraints the ability of media advocates Explain how an elitist theory of democracy and focus on mainstream journalism constraints the ability of media advocates How would media advocacy look like if informed by a participatory theory of democracy? Explain giving examples Why is democracy a dangerous form of government? Explain.

Democracy includes a genuine competition for power. Explain
Democracy permits mass participation on a legally equal footing. Give the strengths and weaknesses of democracy in this regard.

Democracy gives civil liberties that restrict the sphere of the power of the State. How is this good for society at large? What is the ‘common good’? Explain

Is democratisation possible? Explain
State and critically evaluate Aristotle’s definition of democracy. Democracy is not majority rule – explain this statement. Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want. Explain this statement Democracy is the substitution of election by the incompetent many for appointment by the corrupt few – Evaluate this statement by George Bernard Shaw in the context of India’s democracy State and evaluate the definition of democracy as given in the Oxford English Dictionary What does Otto Bauer mean when he says that in democracy there is distribution of power exclusively by the social factors of power? How does the public participate in the making of public policy in a democracy? Explain How is power exercised peacefully in a democracy? Explain

What is the competitive electoral context of democracy? Explain How is democracy a form of institutionalization of continual conflicts? Explain What is a democratic regime according to Bobbio? State and evaluate Democracy is a system in which parties lose elections.

Explain how this happens and why this is important. How do citizens hold rulers accountable in a democracy? Explain citing examples State and explain formal, participatory and social democracy. What is a deliberative assembly of one nation according to Edmund Burke? Explain How is a ‘common will’ formed in a democracy?

What are the three operations that collective decision makers are subject to? State and explain What are the arguments for and against arguing? How can publicity have a negative impact on the quality of debates? Give suitable examples and explain Can discussion escalate conflict? Give suitable examples and explain What can be the positive outcomes of discussion?

What institutional mechanisms could ensure that an agreement following deliberation is induced by argument rather than by inner or outer conformism? In a deliberation how does one deal with the two dichotomies of arguing/bargaining and compromise/truth judgement? Give suitable examples and explain To what extent are democracy and deliberation independent of and dependent on each other? What is it to be ‘fair’ and ‘just’? Give examples and explain

How does the unequal distribution of education, information and commitment pose a threat to deliberative democracy? How can we ensure that people at large are part of the deliberative process in a democracy? Describe the goals of such a policy. What are the two important features of participatory design? Explain giving examples In a democracy why is it important to answer who designs policy for whom and for what purpose? Why and how should the media be regulated?

How can media contribute to building of a worthwhile public agenda? Give examples and explain News media is not a factor of social change. Explain the reasons why Since Independence, has the media in India progressed nearer freedom or closer to dependency and control? What are the positive and negative effects of the media being under corporate control in India? The human life is not fully realized till it can express and communicate its state, concerns and interests. Explain The media should be autonomous of what and whom? Why is this important to democracy?

More than modernisation, it is the way in which goods and services are distributed among different social groups that leads to democracy. Explain giving examples State and explain the four theoretical stages in which free and independent media can be established in transitional democracies. What are the four transitions that democracies broadly go through? Explain in the context of India. Is India a democracy? Give your opinion for the same providing reasons. What is media advocacy? Explain

All monitor the media. Why and how?  How would one go about developing a media advocacy strategy? What are the preparations one would make before making media contact? State and explain using examples What are pseudo-events? State and explain

What is a news release? What are its components? State and explain with an illustration On TV you are always ‘on’. As a result of this what precautions must one take when being interviewed on television? How does one conduct a media event? State and explain the process and precautions What are the do’s and don’t’s when dealing with the news media? State and explain The news media is nobody’s friend. Explain why this is important to freedom of speech and expression in a democracy While doing media advocacy one talks to the press as much as talking through the press. xplain

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