Working as a full-time teacher Essay

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Working as a full-time teacher

I am a teacher by profession who loves imparting knowledge to students so that they can contribute in making the society a better a place to live. I am in the teaching profession for the last seven years.. I would very much like to get associated with a reputed school like yours and contribute my qualities for the betterment of the students. I am presently employed with Annenberg media services. I have the following abilities which can be of great use to your school:

Work with students of all age and mental levels. Create course curriculum and other co- curricular activities for development of students. Monitor skills inside the classroom and on the ground. Personalize curriculum according to the difference in perception levels of students. Interview student in groups and individual to understand their problems Interact with students’ parents Work as a team with other staff members

Working as a full-time teacher, I have learned how to be organized and utilize one’s time to the maximum. I will bring this strength when educating your students. I am also good in communication, and classroom management skills. I am excellent in keeping daily records and submitting reports in time. I believe that my creativity in incorporating fun elements in education will help students in learning topics faster and remember them for a long time

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Elaina (my cousin) is fully capable of performing the duties as an assistant to our regional Director. The Director is looking for an individual who is responsible, punctual, loyal, and time-orientated. Elaina has demonstrated these characteristics by always having an accurately counted register, and spread-sheet. She has only missed one day of work within a year! She works with numbers so frequently that is able to calculate figures with her head. This would be more helpful for when the director asks her to tabulate hours for employees and current incoming figures. Elaina is extremely smart and has worked with a multitude of people, each with unique thought processes and communication skills.

Elaina knows how to smile and be polite, yet she can be authoritative and let her point be known in a tactful manner. Elaina and my directory would work well together, as their personalities and strong work ethics complement one another. Elaina is not afraid to ask questions, or step out of the box, and she can do it in a logical and efficient manner. I think she can learn a lot from my Director, and this will move her career in the forward direction.

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