Workforce Development: Performance Appraisal Strategies

Workforce development is crucial to organizations since it increases the performance of employees, profitability, generates business to the organization and increases the organization’s competitiveness. One of the strategies used in workforce development is performance appraisal which involves regular reviews of the performance of employees as well as their overall contribution to the organization (Balaraman, Gebre, Berhe & Priya, 2018). To ensure successful performance appraisal interviews, several strategies can be used as discussed in the following section.

First, the manager conducting the interview must prepare for the interview.

This involves a thorough review of the performance of an employee before the actual interview (Dhania, 2016). Subsequently, the manager conducting the appraisal must collect sufficient data and information on an employee before arranging the performance appraisal interview.

The second rule is that managers conducting performance appraisal must be factual and rely on facts when engaging the employee and not mere opinions (Balaraman, Gebre, Berhe & Priya, 2018). This ensures that they can understand the actual input of the employee to the organization based on actual proof.

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Moreover, there is a need for open communication between the employee and the appraising manager. Open communication enables the manager to obtain the opinions of the employee regarding their performance and to also identify and challenges that the employee may have faced during the execution of their duties (Balaraman, Gebre, Berhe & Priya, 2018). Moreover, open communication enables the managers to relay feedback regarding the results from the performance appraisal.

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Workforce Development: Performance Appraisal Strategies

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