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The Influence of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation on Employee Engagement
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Introduction Motivation is internal and external factors that motivate a person to achieve their goal. Employee Engagement is a property of the relationship between an organization and its employees. Therefore, it was important to know the different types of motivations. This assignment will be highlighting intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and some theories of motivation. Intrinsic Motivation According to Sophia Bernazzani (2017), Intrinsic Motivation is When you're intrinsically motivated, your behavior is motivated by your internal desire to do something for…...
Employee Engagement and Motivation
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Introduction Motivation: motivation is the processing of an individual willingness to exert a high level of effort to reach goals. Motivation comes from the enjoyment of the work itself and/or from the desire to achieve certain goals e.g. earn more money or achieve promotion. “A simplistic overview of motivation theory says needs drive behavior to reach satisfaction and avoid dissatisfaction. There are many types of needs. Consider Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs: physiological, safety, love or belonging, esteem, and self-actualization.” (Galloway,…...
The Importance Of Personality In Human Resource Management
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Pages • 11
Select a business organization of your choice and provide an overview of the selected company. Discuss how Human Resources are deployed within the context of their business. Overview of the Company Softlogic Life Insurance PLC (SLI), a respected Life insurance solutions provider, has grown rapidly to become a force to be reckoned within the insurance industry. It is positioned as the fifth-largest entity in the insurance industry. Softlogic Life is also considered to be the fastest-growing insurance company in the…...
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Investing in Green Infrastructure
Words • 458
Pages • 2
This literature review will explore the effects of investing in green practices in construction on not just the environment but on society as a whole. In the field of engineering, sustainability is one of the most paramount focuses since the job of civil engineers is to protect society and enhance the quality of civilian life. It is therefore very important for us to understand the effect of climate change and the consequences of losing the will to control or to…...
How to Motivate a Team to Feel Empowered
Words • 2861
Pages • 11
This document is a guide for new and existing managers to assist them in team motivation and empowering team members in order to accomplish team harmony, inspire innovation and development whilst achieving objectives, in both a day to day setting and as part of the wider organization’s goals. We will look at how improving job satisfaction and motivation along with empowering team members can lead to achieving efficient performance and business delivery. We will then look in to how team…...
Job Satisfaction and Commitment of Employees in the Registry
Words • 1456
Pages • 6
Introduction According to the University of Guyana’s Strategic Plan 2009-2012, the University of Guyana (UG) is the premiere higher learning Institution in Guyana and was established in 1963, initially functioning as an evening Institution. It would continue to function in this capacity and offer its services for the first five years of existence, 1963 to 1968, until a generous donation of 1450 acres of land was made by the Booker Group of Companies to the then Government under the leadership…...
What is Organizational Commitment?
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Pages • 5
Organizational commitment refers to the feelings of connectedness and belonging that a member of an organization feels. It is worth noting that this develops a sense of passion and affection in stakeholder towards the company which a leads to a burning desire among the individuals to do everything possible to succeed. Organizational commitment plays a significant role in among stakeholders in deciding to stay with their current organization if given other options (Wasti 312). Organizational commitment determines the level of…...
Developing and Sustaining Employee Engagement
Words • 1100
Pages • 4
Employee engagement according to Gennard and Judge (2014), is key to overcoming obstacles that hinder employees from performing at their peak. Contemporary organisations need employees who feel energetic and engaged with their work (Albrecht, Bakker, Gruman, Macy, & Saks, 2015). The construct is relatively new but has gained popularity in the last two decades in the field of human resource management (Wefald & Downey 2009b). Most of the studies related to employee engagement have been conducted by consultancy firms in…...
The external recruitment process
Words • 463
Pages • 2
If the management has decided to recruit employees externally, they then need to plan accordingly. The first step is to attract the candidate, but before that the management needs to solve some pre advertisement issues. After evaluating the need for recruitment, management needs to decide whether job will a temporary or a permanent one (Clark, 1992). There are many factors that might influence these decisions such as; budget constraints, requirement of service etc. moreover, the job should also have certain…...
Team’s performance
Words • 660
Pages • 3
For a better understanding, the two authors added that in their research, a team refers to a unit which is composed of two or more persons who are combined together to perform their respective functions on a specified plan, duty or performance mission and also with a particular or projected effect or conclusion. The Hernon and Rossiter description follows how Hackman perceives what a team is. As Hackman said: “Although some authors, such as Katzenbach and Smith…take great care to…...
Team leader
Words • 632
Pages • 3
The initial step in business negotiations is often the selection of company representatives. Negotiators come from all ranks of firms, depending on the size of the firms involved and the size and importance of the transaction. Selection of the best representative can make or break a business deal. More than one American company has found that sending the wrong person to handle negotiations in China has led to failures (Lam, Graham,, 2007, p. 151) Characteristics of negotiators – Following are…...
IBM’s workforce diversity policy
Words • 1282
Pages • 5
IBM’s workforce diversity policy emphasis on equal opportunities. Other than making the working environment and company goals that breaks the boundaries for ethnicity, gender, age and disability, IBM also realized that inclusion can help the company to include and cover a wider pool of talents. Since disabled people have lower self-esteem compared to the general population due to their disability, having a right job description is important for attracting them to work for IBM. For example, a vacancy for Service…...
External recruitment
Words • 452
Pages • 2
As the name suggest external mean to hire employee from source outside the organization. Many organizations use this kind of recruitment. There are many ways to recruit external employees. The organization can take help from job placement agencies or agents or use government funded schemes. External recruitment is found beneficial as new people from outside the organization bring in new ideas and hiring inside would then mean favoring one employee. The following flow chart gives an outline of the external…...
Workforce Focus
Words • 2187
Pages • 8
The workforce focus investigates the effectiveness of an organization in terms of its use, development and management of the workforce in order to fulfill their potential and create a TQM product. The Baldrige Award divides this category into two distinct branches; the workforce engagement and environment. The workforce environment can encompass a variety of factors such as the structure of work, the physical environment, and services and rights available to employees. The workforce environment in TQM encourages the need for…...
What is a group or a team?
Words • 1212
Pages • 5
Although different authors may have a different definition of group from one another, a more basic and general definition as per the Oxford Dictionary could be as follows: A group may be defined as a number of people gathered or classed together. A team may be defined as two or more people working together to achieve a common goal. Since, there is but a very slight difference between the meanings of the two terms, we will be using them interchangeably.…...
The HR team
Words • 892
Pages • 4
The HR team at Qantas has sought to identify ways in which to go above and beyond its limitations in providing flexible working arrangements to crew whilst managing the operational requirements in a fiercely competitive industry. For some time Qantas has sought to support employees who have family or other life or personal commitments by introducing benefits such as Parental Leave, Personal Carers Leave, Examination and Training Assistance Leave, and by introducing, flexible working conditions in many areas. Qantas recognizes…...
Structure of Balance of Payment
Words • 792
Pages • 3
Introduction As noted in the introduction section of this paper, imports, exports and balance of payments bear direct and significant impact to a country’s GDP. It is noteworthy that France international trade and balance of payments are dependent on it EU membership where all member country’s enjoy preferential trade treatments. However, The United States, Canada, Russia, India, China and Brazil also stand out as major trading partners of France. The ongoing global financial crisis However, the ongoing global financial crisis…...
Social workers
Words • 1156
Pages • 5
This essay will focus on values and ethical issues, it will identify and critically explore the legal context and the ethical dilemmas arising in practice for the worker in case study. The essay will define ethics, how we get ethics, the reason we have code of ethics and why it is important to social work practice. The essay will give a brief summary of case study. The essay will define what a dilemma is, and will use theoretical concept and…...
In The Silver Tassie. How does OCasey use the structure of his play in a powerful way?
Words • 778
Pages • 3
In The Silver Tassie" by Sean O'Casey is an expressionistic play that mainly focuses on the First World War, written in 1928, the extracts that I am examining are Extracts B1 and B2, these focus on two time periods from past to future renditions from before and after the war, it shows the contrast between life before and after the war, and how the main character Harry is portrayed by the life before the war where he is shown to…...
Recruitment at the Marriott Hotel
Words • 1240
Pages • 5
Introduction If the Marriott are looking for a regional manager they will advertise in regional newspapers, such as the Liverpool Echo. It is important that they advertise there jobs in the right place to ensure that people see the advertisement. The reason that they advertise in the places they do is because it relatively cheap to advertise in the job centres and the jet centre, it is free to advertise on their own website and on their job notice boards,…...
Recruitment Process of Nuvista Pharma Ltd
Words • 2345
Pages • 9
Introduction Effective recruitment, selection and retention are critical to organizational success. They enable companies to have high performing employees who are satisfied with their jobs, thus contributing positively to the organization. On the contrary, in-effective recruitment methodology, selection and retention would result in mismatches which can have negative consequences for an organization. A misfit who is not in tune with organization’s philosophies and goals can reduce output, productivity, customer satisfaction, relationship and over all quality of work. Training a wrong…...
Recruitment agencies
Words • 383
Pages • 2
Recruitment agencies act as a middleman between the recruiting organizations and candidates searching for jobs. Recruitment agencies are becoming very popular these days with the advancement of internet technology. Today, many recruitment agencies are present online, a candidate just has to register to their website and upload their CV. As soon as any job comes up, an email is sent to the candidate and he can then apply for the job. Therefore we can say that the employment agencies provide…...
Organisational Behaviour team
Words • 1039
Pages • 4
Critically reflect on the way in which you performed in your Organisational Behaviour team using your knowledge of organisational behaviour as a framework for the essay and to inform your reflection" Organisational Behaviour is the study of individuals and groups in organisations. If we look at the university of Westminster as an organisation and the students as part of that organisation that I am an individual in this organisation. As I was doing the organisational behaviour module I was asked to…...
Organisation structure
Words • 1077
Pages • 4
Organisation structure is the main way through which management control is achieved. Without organisation structure control could never be possible, employees would do as they please because there's no power or authority over them. It is for this reason we have Directors, Managers, Supervisors and Workers so that the division of power is clear in the organisation and a structure is formed. An example of hierarchical control always happens at my working place in Safeway. The store manager will pass…...
Normal Recruitment vs Holistic Recruitment
Words • 458
Pages • 2
Gone are the days of simply getting hired because you have the proper job qualifications and experience. The new HR specialist is looking at a holistic recruiting approach. Through holistic recruiting, the HR specialist now looks at the complete you. And it’s your ‘emotional intelligence’ that defines the best part of the holistic approach to hiring. Your core values as a person drive your EQ or emotional intelligence. As such, the better you score at the EQ level, the better…...
Mechanistic vs Organic Organisation Structure
Words • 608
Pages • 3
What is Mechanistic Structure Mechanistic organizations have clear, well-defined, centralized, vertical hierarchies of command, authority, and control. Efficiency and predictability are emphasized through specialization, standardization, and formalization. This results in rigidly defined jobs, technologies, and processes. The term mechanistic suggests that organizational structures, processes, and roles are like a machine in which each part of the organization does what it is designed to do. The following are some of the characteristics of Mechanistic organization structure. What is Organic Structure The…...
Managing team performance
Words • 2928
Pages • 11
This is a Literature Review paper that explores the management of team performance in the field of Human Resource Management. The paper selects, compares, and critically reviews various scholarly academic journal articles relevant to this topic. The introduction section introduces the audience to the topic of team performance in the Human Resource Management field. It gives the general concepts of team performance in relation to human resource management. The main body of the paper divides the topic into smaller units…...
Labour Economics
Words • 1715
Pages • 7
Insert name Insert institution Insert course Insert date Abstract Labor economics comprises the study of the factors affecting workers. Since all divisions of economics involve workers, it is prudent to evaluate their influence on labor economics and labor market for that matter. Consumption directly affects the supply of labor. If the workers experience an increase in their desire for consumption in relation to leisure, the labor supply curve will shift outwards. The workers will supply more labor at every given…...
Labor Unions and Their Involvement in Solving Crises
Words • 1821
Pages • 7
Labor Unions Labor unions are groups or clubs of workers and employees who bond together to get good working conditions, fair pay, and fair hours for their labor. For example, in a newspaper, all the people who work the presses might all belong to one union. All of the artists, who are responsible for the artistic layout, might belong to another. These unions are usually joined together, and most unions in America are some branch of the largest labor union…...
Labor unions, labor relations and their impact on organizations in the United States
Words • 520
Pages • 2
This essay attempts to define labor unions and labor relations and critically analyzes their impact on organization. It also analyzes the impact of changes, different employee aspects ranging from relation strategies, policies and practices on organizational performance. Aspects like campaign, elections, contract negations, strikes etc will be dealt with too in this context. Labor relations refer to the relationships between management and working force (mainly through labor unions). It touches on all aspects relating to employment terms, dealings and conditions.…...
Labor Relations (Unions), Wage Hours, OSHA
Words • 1259
Pages • 5
In this module, my case assignment was to analyze the McWane Corporation and explore Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) involvement with the McWane case. The labor union played a minor role at the McWane Corporation. OSHA and the labor union together brought about changes in at McWane Corporation. Every organizations top priority should be safety; however there are many organizations that have had similar safety issues as the McWane Corporation. My SLP organization, Starbucks recognizes safety as a top…...
Importance of Employee Engagement
Words • 735
Pages • 3
Employee engagement is significant for managers to promote and cultivate given that disengagement is often a main problem of employee’s lack of commitment and motivation (May et. al. , 2004). Work lacking rational direction or purpose often causes indifference and detachment from employee’s work. This view illustrates important reasons for providing employees with meaningful work that facilitates motivation and personal fulfillment. There are also various practical reasons that encourage organizations to be more concerned with employee’s engagement at work. Britt,…...
Human Resource Planning at Mc Donald’s Australia
Words • 86
Pages • 1
The aim of the report is to analyze the Human Resource Planning and Job Design policies being carried out at Mc Donald’s Australia. By focusing on cultural differences and taking advantage of the local labor pool, the organization has been able to offset the drawbacks caused by the global economic recession. Since Mc Donald’s started operations in the continent, it has continued to provide employment to the youth and opportunities of growth and advancement within the organization (Mc Donald’s Annual…...
HR recruitment plan
Words • 274
Pages • 1
In this rapid growing corporate world, time management is one of the essential ingredient and a pre-requisite for using time efficiently without postponing or delaying things that can be performed immediately without delay. In this process of time management, HR recruitment plan is one of the issue that takes lot of time, in scrutinizing the resumes, covering letters, interviewing candidates, short listing is a huge job in HR recruitment plan. The job of HR Manager does not end with recruitment…...
Hierarchical Structure
Words • 724
Pages • 3
This structure as mentioned earlier has broader spans of control and fewer levels of authority. The advantages of this structure are that a reduction in the costs of management is achieved and owing to fewer levels of management communication is in theory, more easily achieved. Difficulties are that with fewer managers, more workload is placed upon each employee, promotion is more difficult to obtain and development opportunities are decreased. Tall Hierarchical Structure This structure is commonly found in larger organisations…...
Happy workers are creative and productive workers
Words • 686
Pages • 3
Over the past decade there been economic and workplace changes. "The economic growth and correspondingly low unemployment that were hallmarks of the 1990s have begun to give way to an economic slowdown that has created layoffs and rising unemployment. 1 Many firms try to find the way to make "just-in-time workforce" to increase productivity; try to find the way to make employees happy and satisfied in limited work place to increase productivity. Physical work environment can influence internal effectiveness. In…...
Financial statements: Presentation, Structure, Concepts
Words • 992
Pages • 4
Accounting is viewed as a language that is utilized by organisations in decision making. Thus, accounting has continued to exist due to its usefulness in to the society at large and to a narrower context, to the users of accounting information. The users of accounting information can be divided into two; internal and external users. The management and employees are the internal users of accounting information; they use it for operational, administrative and strategic purposes. External users are; investors, suppliers,…...
External Recruitment and Employees
Words • 366
Pages • 2
Employees are the most important asset of an organization. It represents a major part of organizations expenses. Without an effective workforce, any organization will not be able to fulfill its aims and objectives and will not be able to provide the customers with products and services they require. Therefore, it is important to see that the human resource procedure of an organization is not only effective but provides equal opportunities to everyone. The recruitment committee should see that their selection…...
Employee Productivity
Words • 1089
Pages • 4
Productivity results into an efficient workforce, excellent quality of work, customer loyalty and a stronger employee attachment to the organization. Higher employee productivity in the health care is positively correlated with a high customer (patient) satisfaction. Huber (2006), notes that a highly productive health care workforce treats external clients (patients and other interest groups) excellently. This works in improving the loyalty of the clients thus not only improving profits but also promotes client confidence and retention. Studies indicate that health…...
Unions and Empoyment
Words • 1076
Pages • 4
In order to answer this question I would be looking at various aspects to the topic and how each of them relates and have created a more effective outcome. I would start by explaining the difference between trade unions and workers, I would then go on to explain the history of trade union detailing what has happened to trade union membership since the 20th Century. I would explain what trade unions as institutions and workers as employees mean. I would…...
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How to Motivate a Team to Feel Empowered

...The matrix approach can lead to conflict between a number of managers who end up competing for staff member’s time on projects. As f or channels of communication, flat organistaions communicate with all involved in a project whereas matrix organisa...

What is Organizational Commitment?

...Notably, companies should strive to have committed and fully engaged workforce. It plays an important role in reducing such negative occurrences such as increased level of employee turnover. Companies will have increased productivity when they have c...

What is a group or a team?

...They would also get to know about the work ethics and work cultures of different nations, as the work culture of one country could be very different from the work culture if another country. This is a very vital quality that most employers look for i...

In The Silver Tassie. How does OCasey use the structure of his play in a powerful way?

...When surgeon Maxwell“ Now,now,Heegan-you must try to keep quiet” this shows that they didn’t listen when Harry was talking which contrast with the beginning of the play when he was the protagonist and everyone had his attention; O’Casey is tr...