Work specialization Essay

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Work specialization

Q1-Why isn’t work specialization an unending source of increased productivity? Believe that the advantages of a high degree of job specialization:

(1) the fewer staff time can master the working methods and procedures; (2) work faster output;

(3) low staff skills and education requirements, so the full sources of personnel, the wage level is not high; 2, the high degree of specialization of work disadvantages:
(1) of the breakdown of tasks is not easy to make perfect, which will lead to the imbalance of the work, the staff busy uneven; (2) due to the increase in working links between different segments require more collaboration, logistics, information flow are more complex; (3) the repeatability easily lead to such inefficiencies, reduced quality of adverse behavioral outcomes. Q2-Compare and contrast the virtual organization and the boundary less organization.

Group the founding members can quickly and freely since the formation of small groups to function, interests, geographic dimension, and communication tools through social groups to communicate and execute to achieve high efficiency. This randomness strong combination confined to the department of barriers so that the team does not have to.

The effectiveness of a virtual organization is proportional to its size. Virtual organizations follow two rules, probability multiplied by the scale get greater results effect; enhanced inward gravitational attraction multiplied by the scale. Q3-Do you think employees prefer high formalization? Support you position.

1.Employees like low formalization: one of the bad habits of the workplace is to engage in office politics, therefore, in order to avoid this problem, the staff is low key point is best, is the so-called high-profile work, low-key life.

2, it can be said that is not like, After all, today’s age, ability must be manifested Do not look forward to what is now “sell themselves” kind of thing, with the ability, with the achievements, we must publicize out, be sure opportunity to express epistasis.

Chapter Sixteen

Q1-What defines an organization’s subcultures?

The organization refers people to achieve certain goals, and collaborate with each other a combination of collective or group.Asian culture is relative to the mainstream culture, in a subordinate marginalized groups protest or rebel phenomenon of culture as the carrier.Subcultural groups tend to direct confrontation is not a radical way, but in fashion, leisure, dance, language as a carrier recessive resistance, stylized, symbolic way.Subculture organization should the hidden rebel phenomena exist in certain groups. Q2-Is socialization brainwashing? Explain.

I think the organization’s subcultures isn’t socialization brainwashing.From the view of the nature of the cultural organization, subcultures can be referred to the overall culture of informal organizational culture. The so-called informal organizational culture is non-institutional group culture. A society, the so-called non-institutional population is a do not meet the social norms and cultural groups. Such small groups are generally not in accordance with the legitimate cultural norms of the society organized its formation meet in order to pursue an ideological feelings. Since the large-scale groups, institutional groups target mainly non-personal nature, usually limited to individual needs and emotional satisfaction.

Therefore, in order to make up for this deficiency, in order to seek more personal satisfaction in on the interaction between different levels or equivalent friends and establish friendship, non-institutional groups have come into being, and the breeding of a similar cultural awareness . Such informal organizational culture have produced in certain forms of organization, club culture, factions culture, “salon” culture, “buddies” culture, etc.; Some even do not have a particular form of organization, are just some of the same boat, like-minded form of the same culture of people invariably go together.

Q3-How can management create an ethical culture? Is involuntary ethics training unethical?

Corporate ethics and legal norms and institutional norms different, not as mandatory and binding, but has a positive demonstration effect and a strong appeal, has been recognized and accepted the power of self-restraint. Therefore, it has a wider range of adaptability, is an important means to constraint the behavior of enterprises and workers. Old Tong Ren Tang drugstore reason why the three hundred years of enduring is the excellent traditional Chinese virtues and into the process of production and operation of enterprises, the formation of the professional ethics of the industry characteristics.


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