Work Groups and Teams in Organizations

Teamwork has always been considered as an efficient way of obtaining objectives and goals, as working in a team is valuable for enhancing the cohesiveness in a group and helps sustain an appropriate culture. The principal purpose of a team is the proper allocation of duties and the development of a suitable plan for the achievement of goals. The ability to work effectively in a group is fast becoming a necessity for a successful career, as well as being essential to contribute meaningfully towards society.

Work in today’s society has become increasingly complex and consists of greater functions with interdependence which are well suited to teamwork. Teams are more effective ways to handle work therefore, are becoming more common in the workplace and in many areas of life.

A common challenge faced by most groups is ineffective communication. Once this barrier is solved, members are most likely able to work together successfully with little to no conflicts. By doing this, team members can open up and contribute ideas.

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According to the text, proper management of a team leads to the team being able to achieve its aim. It is therefore essential for a team to always learn how to manage the diversity in the group to avoid disagreements and ensure cooperation. In every aspect of a workplace, teamwork is essential to complete and achieve the set goals and objectives which enhance the performance of each team member.

The most challenging aspect of working together in a team was going through the forming and storming stages where there was a lack of clarity about roles and goals and we still did not know each other so well.

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Some points I have learned about working with groups and teams that I can apply to my work setting are: It is important to spend time planning and have a clear purpose, goals, and roles. Social relations are important and not just useless time spent, although there needs to be a balance. It is important to realize that a group evolves over time and that there are different ways of looking at group development. It is helpful to have explicit values as well as group norms or ground rules. Conflict is normal and can be healthy and bring higher quality decisions.

Before this reading an assumption, I had about working with groups and teams is that conflict is negative or unhealthy. I now see that there can also be a healthy conflict.

One of the things I found effective was learning while learning was taking place. We studied the dynamics of groups and teams and various aspects of group facilitation while we were simultaneously in teams experiencing many of the same issues. This learning within learning was a powerful experience and has enabled me to gain deeper insight into the theories and principles being studied.

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