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Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on life’s endeavors? Thanks to one entire year off from my responsibilities at work. We are not bad people. We are just busy! You have to know though what life has been teaching us: Busyness is the death of kindness. Visiting my family would be the first thing that I would do for my one whole year off from work. What gives them delight is when I would visit them. The fact is they deserve more of our time with them, but we have been neglectful in that area.

The pressures of work and the weight of all the papers that I am working for and meeting the deadlines for the paper works that I am working on occupy a lot of my time. But the fact remains that I should find time to do the things I deem important. When we meet on someone’s birthday or gather around the Christmas tree once a year, these could never be enough to satisfy my parent’s longing for us to be with them. This is why I choose this topic.

I look at my parents and then I realized that by the time we realize our parents may have been right all long, it would be our turn as parents when our children may think we’re wrong. I guess that’s part of the cycle of life. I realize that I may be known in my career choice but I am worth nothing if I do not even know how to show love and appreciation to my parents. How can the world continue without a father and a mother? I’ve always had a nagging question in my mind. Why do we celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day only once a year?

And more than often, department stores, shopping malls and retail outlets are the ones that remind us of those important days. It really takes a long time to understand how important Mother’s and Father’s Days are, I guess. Listen. You don’t have to wait until those special days to tell them how much you love them. The only solitude of my parents to me being away from them is enfolded by my nieces and nephews voices. For that, the entire year would be much time for me to be bonded with them and my way of paying them back of the simple things they do.

My nieces and nephews make me laugh in ways no comedian could ever. There is so much innocence in them. We go to work and feel exhausted but when we go home there are the kids with their arms open and kisses ready, my weariness disappears. Maybe this is also the reason why Jesus says that as long as we do not have faith like that of a little child, we cannot enter heaven. Somehow this makes sense. I have realized the importance of enjoying life. Life is too short for us to miss the good things.

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