Work Effectively in the Community Sector Essay

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Work Effectively in the Community Sector

Task 1 – Research a sector of the Community Services Industry Task 2 – Reflect on professional practice
Task Task 1
You need to choose a sector of the Australian Community Services Industry and research the current issues influencing service delivery in that sector and answer the questions below based on your research. A sector could include:  Aged care

 Home and community care
 Disability services
 Alcohol and other drugs
 Family and domestic violence
 Mental Health
 Housing
 Community development
 Community work
 Youth work and juvenile justice
 Children’s services
 Child protection
 Employment services
Answer the following questions based on your research:
1. State the sector you have researched.
2. Identify the current needs of this sector’s target group. You need to demonstrate your research by providing facts and figures about this target group’s current issues. 2 LA015665 – Assignment 2; CHCCS411C Ed3

© New South Wales, Department of Education and Communities 2013, Version 1, January 2013 3. Identify a Community Service organisation within this sector. You will need to contact the organisation by phone or visit them by appointment if you are unable to collect all the relevant information from your online research. 4. What are the roles and functions of this organisation?

5. What have been the organisation’s responses to the changing needs of this target group? 6. How does this organisation demonstrate a commitment to access and equity principles? 7. What strategies has the organisation implemented to improve work practices? Task 2Task 2

1. Identify two (2) strategies you could use to reflect on your skills in the workplace. 2. What is the purpose of reflecting on your own work practices? 3. Reflect on your current skills, knowledge, qualities or attributes in regards to working in the Community Services Industry and answer the following questions: a) Identify and discuss an area where you would like professional development. b) Find a training organisation that provides professional development in this area. Provide the name of the training organisation as well as the title of the course.

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