Work and Environment Essay

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Work and Environment

Work may refer to: Human labor: • Employment • House work • Labor (economics), measure of the work done by human beings • Manual labor, physical work done by people

• Wage labor, in which a worker sells their labor and an employer buys it • Work (project management), the effort applied to produce a deliverable or accomplish a task Environment may refer to: Environment (biophysical), the physical and biological factors along with their chemical interactions that affect an organism • Environment (systems), the surroundings of a physical system that may interact with the system by exchanging mass, energy, or other properties • Environments (series), a series of LPs, cassettes and CDs depicting natural sounds • Built environment, constructed surroundings that provide the setting for human activity, ranging from the large-scale civic surroundings to the personal places

• Knowledge environment Social environment, the culture that an individual lives in, and the people and institutions with whom they interact Work environment means the milieus around a person. It is your social and professional environment in which you are supposed to interact with a number of people. All of them are to be there with you. They are working there. They are supposed to co-ordinate with you in one way or he other. They may be working under you or you may be working under them. It depends upon your position at status at a work place. It is not important that an office would always be called your work place.

It can be your home environment where you use to work for all the time where you are supposed to interact with your family members by and by. This environment is all about the people at your home and those who have any concern at your home. Work environment does not only counts the living world tings but also the materialistic world stuff. It may count the room or home where you are working. It may counts the things that you are using in one way or the other. It is all about things and livings that are around you where you are working. Hope it is clear now.

A work environment can be identified as the place that one works. i. e. -in an office building in a cube, at home at the kitchen table, from a car or truck, at a construction site. All are work environments. We tend, however, to hear about “healthy work environments. ” This can point to other factors in the work environment, such as co-workers, air quality, ergonomic seating, management (the boss! ), child care, parking, noise, and even the size of one’s cube. A work environment doesn’t require a job. It requires that work has to be done in some place.

Say you need to do homework. Where do you do it? At school in study hall? At your kitchen table? On the floor at a friend’s house? These can also be considered work environments. A hostile work environment exists when an employee experiences workplace harassment and fears going to work because of the offensive, intimidating, or oppressive atmosphere generated by the harasser. A hostile work environment may also be created when management acts in a manner designed to make an employee quit in retaliation for some action.

For example, if an employee reported safety violations at work, was injured, attempted to join a union, or in some way caused trouble for the management, then their response might be to harass and pressure the employee to quit. Actions that could be taken in furtherance of this might include inappropriate disciplinary procedures, reduced hours or wages, unreasonable scheduling or workload or similar things. The company’s behavior in lieu of termination avoids the need to pay unemployment benefits.

The anti-discrimination statutes governing hostile work environment are not a general civility code. Thus, federal law does not prohibit simple teasing, offhand comments, or isolated incidents that are not extremely serious. Rather, the conduct must be so objectively offensive as to alter the conditions of the individual’s employment. The conditions of employment are altered only if the harassment culminates in a tangible employment action or are sufficiently severe or pervasive. An effective work environment is vital to the success of small businesses and large corporations alike.

When problems remain unsolved and rules never get implemented, the result can be an unproductive staff and a stale work environment. People working together with a common denominator will accomplish tasks with greater ease and have higher expectations of themselves and their work. (success and passion)A positive work environment is critical no matter how many employees you have. It is management that fosters the work atmosphere so they are responsible for conducting things in a way that helps raise people’s spirits. There are four basic beliefs: • Hope • Trust • Pleasure • Opportunity

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