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Words Hurt More than Actions Essay


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Words Hurt More Than Actions

No person should be allowed to verbally harass another. It is wrong to bully someone and say they did it because of their strong moral or religious belief. If they have something to tell another person it should be something their doing wrong, like if they stole something, and not because of how the person is (sexual orientation, religion, etc.). Michigan should not of have passed this bill because verbal abuse is worse than physical abuse.

The state is practically giving students permission to talk bad to their classmates just because they don’t like them, but they can get away with it because of this. Michigan needs new anti-bullying bills that would actually work in suppressing or better yet eliminating any sort of bullying.

Everyone in America does have the freedom of speech, but it also has its limits. This freedom is to be used to discuss ideas that people may find distasteful or that they are against for.

This bill is allowing students to violate the 1st Amendment to say terrible things to others. People think that physical bullying is worse than verbally bullying, but it is not. Sometimes words hurt more than actions. And when those kids are being told these horrible words like faggot, fat ass, or whatever it sticks to their brain, it stays embed into their memory.

They cannot do anything but take those words and stay silent because many of them don’t have the courage to stand up for themselves. It really brings down their self-esteem; sometimes so low that they even go as far as committing suicide because they can’t take it anymore. These kinds of actions create psychological problems among kids some in which cannot be fixed by visiting a psychologist. Too many have died because of this, all of them were important and who knows if they could of have cured a disease or of fixed the economy, in the future, but because of one person they have left this world. If the state of Michigan wants to see an increase in their teen suicides then they should create better laws to protect these poor kids.

If students are allowed to do this, then students will also think they have the right to verbally harass their teachers or parents and be able to get away with it. If this bill is not removed then incidents like the one in Kingwood High School, in which a few students told their substitute teacher a horrible remark that said he was going to die any minute, would repeat. He was just doing his job, but because of these students they hurt his feelings. Teachers and parents would have a tough time dealing with their children, but will not be able to control them since they have a right to do so just by saying they have a strong moral or religious feeling about what they’re doing. And this law would not only apply to student but parents, teachers, or even school employees would be able to harass the students or even among their selves. This would create a big havoc but what could the sate do to gain back control when people they could just say they have strong religious or moral belief.

This bill is also a great offence to other religious people. The bill is practically saying that God is allowing you to bully others because their different. This might cause Christian students to target gay classmates or other students with a different religion. Things would get worse than what they already are and more discrimination between students, teachers, parents, etcetera in Michigan schools. What they should to is sent any student who harasses a classmate should be sent to a correctional facility the first time. If they persist after coming back then they should be suspended from the school until he learns that it is not right to harass someone verbally.

If they change and write a letter of apology to the student and the school then they might just be allowed to return to their school. If a teacher, parent, or school employee are the ones harassing someone then they should be reported to the police and given a fine. They should also make schools have some sort of workshops in which children could learn about what to do if they are being victims of bullying. This is much better than that petty bill of theirs, these anti-bullying laws should be meant to protect the children and not promote bullying.

It is as if the state of Michigan does not want to protect those children who are different and being bullied because of it. If they don’t change and do something better, then they would be like the harsh world outside America in which there are places that kill people who are of different religion or because of their sexual orientation. Michigan should stick to America’s motto, the land of the free, and allow people to be who they are without having someone telling them off with bad comments. If states start doing things like Michigan than America would be nothing but a big racist country who allows people to be verbally harass others while still protecting the ones who are doing the bullying.

Michigan needs to be helping these innocent children against bullying and not just create these laws that they say are meant to protect the victims. What they have done is they have given students a loophole in which they can manage to assault, harass, belittle and harm fellow students with no recourse by the schools. It’s like the bill is protecting school bullies and not the ones who are being victimized. They should actually think before making an anti-bully bill. They should not just write it out in paper to just show to the people that they are doing something against this issue and then move on to something else. All of those who created it and voted for it should be ashamed of themselves for coming up and agreeing with something this idiotic. They should stop spreading the hate and solve this issue. Remember words hurt more than actions.

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