Woodson Foundation and School district Essay

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Woodson Foundation and School district

The Woodson Foundation and school district seem to star at the forming phase. The Foundation is a nonprofit organization, which is setting parameters to enforce student for their poor performance and get rid of crime. Right after it seems to move into the storming phase because it seems that there is some kind of domination by the Foundation trying to set or put the guidelines on to how the school system needs to work in order to be successful. At finally from what I read they’ve move into the norming and performing when the foundation would supply the sources and program development, the school will provide rooms and staff. From the text I don’t see if they finally go into the adjourning phase. Since is a trial system there is no feedback on how the system went or it performance in the school, if there is any positive result. Problem Identification

The primary problem here is the school district is low in decision-making and performance. Staff and administrators do not understand the challenges and issues within the school district, the students still under perform, resources provided by The Woodson Foundation are not maximized. The other problem is that staff does not last long because of conflicts in the system, the school has problems retaining teachers. Such problems are needed there so more institution could come in into play to resolve the problem. In terms to innovation and risk taking the school district lacks on change. The school district prioritizes its policies and procedures, employees unionized labor, and is subject to their district budgets. This makes it difficult for them to implement any sort of innovation or risk taking, but it must align with these factors and thus makes their structure rigid and restrains change.

Retrospective Evaluation

It is important to understand an organization and people that lead it, who have the responsibility of improving organization effectiveness, the ability of an organization to achieve goals. A goal is a desired future outcome that an organization seeks to achieve. The NCPIE tries also to get involve to resolve the conflict on both side of parties that are involve. The NCPIE mission increases parental control that is a somewhat broad objective. It also embraces diversity with regards gender, race, ethnicity, and disability status, which makes their values more broad and open to risk taking.

The solution here is to have the school district and the NCPIE be on the same position the Woodson Foundation, in order to execute the experimental program for the students all three need to agree having new change. The first steps would be to give the green light to the experimental after school program provided by the Woodson Foundation. The next step is to enforce the district to comply with the norm in the program. The final is to implement the NCPIE participation, it is very important that the parents agree as well because there will be not comfortable program and most students will not last through the experiment. Reflection

The only advice I would give is the school district, it seems that they are afraid of change. Teachers do not last because the critical situation that there is in the district. The Woodson Foundation is providing the support, why not experiment with it and see what result the program gives. If an organization is weak and it doesn’t seek support eventually would fail. In this case the most vulnerable is the school system, they need to stop being ignorant and accept the change.

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