Wood and Job Sheets Essay

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Wood and Job Sheets

Thank you for joining our lively, energetic workforce.
If you require further details regarding any of the information below then please contact the HR Manager.

(Amy Clark) About us:

Sawmill UK Ltd was established 1962 and from the very beginning our ethics have remained the same. As a family run business we aim to be leaders in our field by supplying high quality home grown timber at the lowest possible prices. We are proud of our design skills and manufacturing capability and we hope to be able to extend our catalogue of products in the very near future. We have 3 major competitors in this field and our goal is to be the most trustworthy and popular of the three, it is vital that any decision you make within your new role does not jeopardise the good intentions of the business.

Our Products and Services:

We manufacture all our products on site from regular pieces of timber bought from suppliers across the country. In our display area you will find a range of fencing, decking, sheds and gates. All of our products can be made to any shape or size and we are proud to produce such high quality bespoke products. We offer a free on-site customer quotation service with no obligation to proceed and we guarantee to beat any genuine quote. Our expert team of fence erectors and fitters are very capable and will be able to assist you with any questions you may have with regards to the manufacturing/ fitting procedures.

Our Customers

Our customer base is built up of approximately 60% tradesmen and 40% general public purchases. Each individual sale is completely different and as most of our products are bespoke it is important that all customer requests are fully understood. As the manager you will be expected to sign off job sheets before they are processed and issued to our accounts team, these must be signed by the customer at the point of ordering.

External Factors affecting Sawmill

Economic Influences:
Currency Exchange:
Although we do not currently buy timber directly from other countries we are still affected by the rise and fall of the exchange rate. As a result of this our UK suppliers regularly increase their prices in line with the euro.

Social Influences:
Occasionally we will experience concerns raised from neighbouring residents regarding the noise pollution produced from our sawmill. These concerns are passed to our environment team who will assess these problems. The cutting of certain timber is restricted to certain times, please check this with the production operatives before beginning any extensive saw use.

Fashion and Trends:

Where possible we try to stock the latest innovative products in particular fencing preservative. The fact will always be that customers expect a timber structure such as a fence or shed to last a lifetime even though this is unrealistic. It is our duty as part of our desire to be leaders that we source the most practical, sustainable timber and pressure treat it with products at the high end of the scale.

Technological Influences:


The members of the team at the Sawmill are valued not only based on their ability to manufacture high quality products but to be innovative and to fill gaps in the market. New products are constantly appearing and it is vital that we beat our competitors to these. At present the new line of eco-fencing is holding the spotlight and although it is expensive it does promise longevity.

Legal Influences:

Industry Specific Regulation:

Recent regulation changes are posted on to the staff notice board as soon as they become public, these changes are discussed at the monthly meetings. The most recent changes are detailed below; a) Timber and timber products must not be stored or stacked within 4m of the main building and workshops. b) Stenna blades must only be changed when the machine is being serviced by a regulated technician. Both of the above new regulative changes will affect our business. The premises and yard space are not big enough to store stock away from the building and it is impossible to get a saw engineer out within 48 hours.

Planning Regulations:

Designs must be made in accordance with building and planning regulations. In particular when relative to fence erection as there are height restrictions within certain boundaries.

Environmental Influences:
Green Belt:

Sawmill UK is located in WF3 which is a Greenbelt area, please see information below: A green belt or greenbelt is a policy and land use designation used in land use planning to retain areas of largely undeveloped, wild, or agricultural land surrounding or neighbouring urban areas. Similar concepts are greenways or green wedges which have a linear character and may run through an urban area instead of around it. In essence, a green belt is an invisible line encircling a certain area, preventing development of the area allowing wildlife to return and be established.

Source: ‘Wikipedia’

Flood Risk:

Sawmill UK is also located in a high flood risk area as it is situated 100m from the banks of the river Aire and Calder navigation. It is important that all team members take warnings from the environment agency very seriously as a flood can seriously damage our outdoor stock. We have various flood risk plans in place in different areas of the workshop and office block so please familiarise yourself with these.


As the nature of the business is outdoor then please ensure you that you always plan your job sheets around the weather wherever possible. I realise that this can sometimes be impossible but a basic check of the predicted weather for the following day will at least give you an idea of the severity of any extreme weather.


The Sawmill has a large customer base between March and September but is quiet during some Autumn/ Winter months. Garden design/ landscaping is considered to be a seasonal business. During the summer months we must budget for the winter months.

Organisation Structure

The Sawmill is owned by three people, one person has the majority of the shares and therefore the leadership of the business. Many decisions deemed to be greatly important to the business will be discussed by all three owners but in usual circumstance just one person will make executive decisions. As a relatively small business there are only 12 employees each doing different roles. We have only one person manufacturing each of the following products:

Role| Duties|

Fence Panel Maker| Takes job sheets from manager to be completed by the end of each day| Sheds| Takes job sheets from manager to be completed by the deadline| Bespoke Sheds/ Summer House| Takes job sheets from manager to be completed by the deadline| Sawn Timber Sawyer| Takes a cutting list from the manager to prepare wood for the two shed makers| PSE Timber Sawyer (Planed Square Edges)| Takes a cutting list from the manager to prepare wood for the panel maker| General Sawyer| Will need to cut any requests as well as ensuring that all sizes are in stock| Pressure Tank Operative| Must ensure that all timber is pressure treated and dried ready for the Sawyers|

In addition to the production detailed above we have the following employees:

Role| Duties|
Yardman| General Maintenance and machine servicing|
Cleaner| Keeps all workshops clean, sweeps sawdust, removes hazardous chemicals| Manager| Issues job sheets and ensures adequate running of the business| HR Manager/ Director| Overseas all general day to day duties including HR| Forklift Operator| Operates the forklift on request of the sawyers and managers|

It is vital that all 12 individuals ensure that they work to the height of their capabilities as many of their roles rely on other people to do theirs correctly. Our employees have all been employed by us for many years, in fact our most recent new employee was eight years ago. Whilst this provides a close bond between colleagues it can also be a major pitfall when changes are introduced. There is an element of reluctance which is to be expected when the majority of the employees have worked here for over 20 years.

The idea to look into recruitment now is part of our ongoing succession plan in which we eventually hope to recruit five new team members who will eventually supersede the older generation. All of our staff have been given the opportunity to complete an anonymous form to suggest training that they may like to do including courses and forklift training. These forms are monitored by the HR department.

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