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Wonders of Wonders: An Essay Analysis Essay

In Jennifer Berkompas’s “Wonder of Wonders: The Lord of the Rings”; the writer discusses her opinions of the movie “The Fellowship of the Rings” which is based on the book by J. R. R. Tolkien. Berkompas’s thesis stated in the introduction is that she feels the elves in the movie were inaccurately portrayed in comparison to the book. The author’s argument is weak since there is no mention of these elves throughout the remainder of her essay. The following essay will investigate why Berkompas’s argument was weak due to the lack of supportive evidence and complete exclusion of her thesis throughout the essay.

Berkompas begins her essay with the argument that her one gripe with “The Fellowship of the Rings” was that the elves did not laugh (par. 1). Her argument was sound throughout the second paragraph where she described the usual behavior of Tolkien’s characters described in the book series; including the behavior of the elves. It is questionable however what the author is trying to accomplish through the paragraphs three and four. She begins discussing hobbits; which based on her description, are not elves but a separate species of characters.

While these paragraphs are informative to the reader; giving the reader some background of the movie, it mentions nothing of the elves. Berkompas discusses the main idea of the movie in paragraph three; which is needed in order to better understand the movie, but then she goes into full description of the hobbits. She writes; Hobbits are silly and sociable and like eating, but they don’t like excitement. The future looks grim (par. 3). The author’s argument is about her disappointment with the inaccurate portrayal of the elves because they don’t laugh; however in paragraph three she is focusing the readers’ attention on hobbits.

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The redirection of the reader’s attention takes away from the author’s argument. As the essay progresses, there is no other mention of the author’s thesis. Berkompas discusses everything but the elves missing laughter. She changes her direction once again in paragraph six when she begins to warn Tolkien fans of the deviation between the movie and the book; “The Fellowship of the Rings”. Berkompas writes; Tolkien fans, be warned: The movie doesn’t try to follow the scene book scene by scene or character by character (par. ). While this statement can explain why the elves don’t laugh, the author does not write about this association. She is simply making an observation about the movie. The author seems preoccupied in the essay with proving the worthiness of the movie even though she was disappointed with the elves uncharacteristic behavior. This however was not the main idea of her essay according to the introduction. The author actually recommends watching the movie with “an open mind” (par. 7).

She praises the movie for its “scenery, gripping plot good acting [and] good role models…” (par. 8); however there is no mention of the elves, not even in her conclusion. Based on Berkompas’s concluding paragraph, it would appear that she was writing more of a movie review than evaluating inaccuracy of the elves portrayed in the movie. Berkompas’s essay is unsupportive of her thesis. Had she stated that her disappointment in the movie was that the movie did not follow the book’s scenes and characters, then she would have had substantial evidence.

By stating in the introduction that her only disappointment was with the elves behavior, she confuses the reader because the remainder of her essay is not focused on the elves at all but rather the details of the movie in general and the movies positive qualities. The introduction would lead the reader into thinking that the essay would be about the lack of accuracy in its portrayal of the elves; however the essay discusses all the characters, the differences between the book and movie and an overall review of “The Fellowship of the Rings”.

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