Women on the Marketing Frontline Essay

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Women on the Marketing Frontline

This is the changing scenario of world, where globalization has an impact on the conscience of world economy. Foreign stakes in Indian Industries opened global avenues for Indian venture. Strategic planning of staffing emerged as the extreme need for the Corporate and industries, to hold the league of competition. In India few years back where every segment of the opportunities were opened only for males. Hence Indian industries tend to be called as male dominated. Today the women of India are on equal status as much as their male counterparts whether that is public or private Sector.

As we know some of the sectors / fields had a male dominance but today it is on the equal anvil. Women also have tremendous opportunities in pre male dominated sector i. e. marketing. There are major firms in India opt for women presence in the field of marketing especially Pharma Marketing. Long ago when Tie-walas were the beauty of clinics and hospitals at the outside in waiting queue most earnestly than patients, is now like a shifting paradigm of this job profile in India.

Now a day’s responsibility has been taken over by their female counterparts. Doctors might have some relax session after the close hours with the patients. Today it is a common sight to see a lady medical representative (MR) or lady field executive waiting alongside a group of male MRs for her turn to call on a doctor. Likewise, at cycle meetings and product launch meetings, the sight of a lady Product Executive (PE) or lady Product Manager (PM) conducting the meeting is also a familiar sight. But such was not the case two-three decades ago.

Traditionally, in 1970’s and early 1980’s, the Indian pharmaceutical industry, like most other industries, was a male dominated industry. Girls graduating in pharmacy in 1980’s were chosen mainly for quality control or packing department, while post-graduate ladies were chosen either in analytical development or formulation development or they ended up teaching at pharmacy colleges. On their part, ladies too, preferred to tread only on the tested paths and hardly dared to experiment with newer career options. In the late 80’s wave changed.

With more girls opting for pharmacy than boys, a few girls ventured into the unexplored terrains of pharma marketing and sales. Indian companies such as Gufic Laboratories, Unichem and Lupin Laboratories were among the foremost to give ladies a chance in the typical male-dominated jobs such as MRs and PEs. Have women done their new role in pharma marketing and sales? Now we know sky is not the limit for the females as they have been empowered by their own vital thinking, whereas experts have an interesting expression “Women tend to opt for a more open environment.

However, we notice that companies in general are beginning to hire women, as they prove to be far more committed,” added Sanjeev Duggal, MD, NIS Sparta, an organization, which imparts sales training for companies. (Source: internet blog posted on 27 Dec. 2007) Nagpur is witness for projected growth in pharma sector where 1500 Male Representatives earn their bread and 125 female representatives exist comparatively at lower ratio level. Every year 35% male left the jobs from pharma sector. It again gets high on the female part i. e. 60%.

Women mainly deprived of maternity benefits which remain matter for concern after marriage according to Shri D. G. Deshpande Secretary- MSMRA (Maharashtra Sales and Medical Representatives Association). On the other hand Shri V. S. Ranade Vice President FMRAI (Federation of Medical & Sales Representatives Association of India) put his positive remark on the maternity benefits. Accordingly females are now entitled for these benefits as it was not on the list of companies agenda. This very step have brought radical change and proved helpful for the recruitment of females in the sector.

In a detailed discussion with Mr. D. G. Deshpande on the female entrance and presence in the pharma sector, we came to know that their organization is concerned for working hours that should be not more than eight hours. Being a woman, security always comes first after the convenience. It is clear that job for female MRs more secured than it was earlier. It is sure that different motto can be considered while recruiting these charms towards high outcome in business. In a hectic field schedule some can find lovely atmosphere at their field work that might help to increase energy amongst colleagues.

Female Representatives are welcomed by Doctors with increased interest at the detailing side of the business by these female MR. Our society even has raised their thumb as the backbone for the profession in women. Dr. Anad Asia generously made his positive statement for the work of female MR. Everyone knows male dominance as prevalent in a sector and even was the identity of the same which initially was the hurdle while Ms. Shital Analkar got selected by one of leading pharma company Cipla Protec. Shital’s family unwillingly gave their consent for the pharma job but gradually they find it more secure and even lucrative.

When we thought about business it is competition make every venture more comprehensive. It is spirit get ignited when workplace cheered after the achievements appreciated, if it is crowned by female representatives. Boys even feel the heat if the stance made by a lady MR, which itself spread the sense of competition. Then it is regardless to say this has proved fruitful for organization. Mr. Anup Detharia ASM, Zydus (Cadila) gave concluding word to his responsibilities, sometimes arranged in above manner. Even colleagues expressed their amiable relationship with the female counterparts when had the discussion with Mr. Akash Wadibhasme MR Zydus (Cadila).

To get up to the doctors and made them write specific prescriptions is not an ending task of pharma marketing. After the successful detailing, retailing brings sales outcome. Concluding visit in evening with retailers & distributors pave an extra way to meet the demand that created by MRs towards their sales target. It is hazardous when MRs neglect or remain irregular at this point. Once demand come into action it is necessary to be available in market sufficiently. Retailers again found that all irregularities curbed out since the presence of female MR.

When drugs are prescribed it should be available with market and once it is available throughout the market it is again to be sold out in time, it is only when visits being carried out regularly. M/s Bakshe Medical and General Stores leading chemist put his expression to back up the ladies force. These female MR are the face of the company and much of what they do and sell on the field; reflect in the company’s bottom-line. However, pharma companies spurt like mushrooms. Some flourish. Some vanish. While these charming messengers of life-saving drugs work, sure for their future.

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