Portrayal of Women in Glaspell's Trifles and Ibsen's Doll House

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Women of today have come a long way since the periods portrayed in the dramas “Trifles,” written by Susan Glaspell, and “Doll House,” written by Henrik Ibsen. In both dramas, the characters played by women were portrayed as nothing more than property which should be seen and not heard. This is typical of society in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, which is the time setting in which these dramas take place.

In the drama “Doll House,” the main character named Nora is a woman who has gone through life being treated as if she were a “China doll.

” She was not unlike a China doll to be placed high on a pedestal, never to be heard from except when spoken to, or when asked to entertain her husband Torvald, their children or a group of Torvald’s friends. As the story progresses, Ibsen creates a climax in the theme when Torvald finds out that Nora forged her father’s name on a document to obtain money for a trip to Italy.

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This trip to Italy was necessary in order to save his life. Society had a certain stigmatism about the women of the late 1800’s. Women were not thought to have been as smart as men and were therefore not expected to understand the complicated world of money and especially the repercussions of getting a loan from places other than a banking institution. At this point, Nora receives a miracle she has not been looking forward to. The miracle turned out to be a test in which she finds out that their storybook love is not as strong to Torvald as she had imagined and hoped for. This particular scene in the drama gave the impression of morning sun rays tapping on the petals on a morning glory. With this, the reader begins to witness the blossoming of a flower. Nora’s eyes open for what appears to be the first time in her life, and she makes the decision to leave her life and family in search for a new beginning. For a male author born and raised in the 1800’s, Ibsen does a fine job of looking at a relationship of this kind from a woman’s point of view.

However, women of today would not put up with either one of these situations. The women of today are more assertive and demanding than they used to be. There are many women today who are just as good if not better than their male counterparts. Some of the most successful people in today’s society are women. With the passage of the right for women to vote and the women’s movement of the late sixties and early seventies, women have deservingly “Come a Long Way Baby.”

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