Women in World History and their Contributions in Egypt and China Essay

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Women in World History and their Contributions in Egypt and China

Women have prove themselves to be strong in so many ways. We can see and hear stories and accounts of women’s success, great influence and contribution in all walks of life. They have proven, time and memorial that women are strong and inspiring. In this paper we will discuss women in world history that has significant contributions in China and Egypt. Inspiring women like Empress Dowager Longyu, Hua Mulan and Wu Yi from China and Tiye, Shagrat al-Durr, and Nefertari from Egypt. We will find out their significant contributions in their respective countries

Famous Women and their Contribution to China There are three famous and inspiring woman from China that emerge and become well-known during their time. Empress Dowager Longyu, Hua Mulan and Wu Yi. The Empress Dowager Longyu On February 26, 1889 Yehenala was granted the title The Long Yu Empress. Historians consider that she probably did her best to cope with the difficulties of the era but her conservative attitudes did not serve her well and the Western powers continued to take advantage of the country’s relatively low level of technological development.

She also helped the military to plot a coup d’etat and take power of the emperor. She also supported the Boxer Rebellion, an anti-reform and anti-foreign rebellion Hua Mulan She is another prominent figure and a historical figure who is well-known for disguising as a man to save her father from serving the army that will battle those who wanted to conquer China. Her name has been associated with the word “heroine”. The Chinese troops that includes Hua Mulan fought in many bloody battles for many years before they got the permission to go home.

Hua Mulan was called by the court of the emperor, who wanted to appoint her to high position as a reward for her excellent service. Hua Mulan did not receive the offer and instead accepted a fine horse. She became an inspiration to so many women not only in China but also in the whole World. She was a picture of strength and braveness. A very patriotic woman who was ready to give her life for her own country. The story of Hua Mulan became a good inspiration for poets, writers and artist for their works. Wu Yi Wu Yi, a native of Wuhan, Hubei Province, was born in November 1938.

She joined the Communist Party of China (CPC) in April 1962 and began to work in August 1962. She graduated from the Oil Refinery Department of the Beijing Petroleum Institute where she had majored in oil refinery engineering. She is a university graduate and a senior engineer. She is now a member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, State Councilor and member of the Leading Party Member Group of the State Council (China. Org. Cn, 2006) Wu Yi was the vice premier, minister of health.

According to Forbes.com (Serafin, 2006) she was called for an end to politicizing economic issues. One key move by her country should help here. Bowing to international pressure, in July China revalued the yuan by a modest 2. 1%, scrapping the yuan’s ten-year-old peg to the U. S. dollar and replacing it with a tightly managed float against a basket of unspecified foreign currencies, in which the dollar will likely occupy a prominent place. She replaced Zhang Wenkang during the SARS Crisis as health minister and headed a committee to solve the crisis and because of this she was called “goddess of transparency”

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