Women in “The Great Gatsby” Essay

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Women in “The Great Gatsby”

Question 10: What do you think about the view that there are no women in The Great Gatsby with whom the reader can sympathise?

In The Great Gatsby, sympathy can be portrayed as the reader sharing a personal connection or sharing an emotion with a character, and this is usually attained by generating pity or compassion for the character and feeling as though the characters are relatable to. However, in The Great Gatsby, the female characters do not fit this basis of creating sympathy from the reader, therefore there are no women in The Great Gatsby with whom readers can sympathise with.

One of the first female characters mentioned in The Great Gatsby is Daisy Buchanan. Daisy is a difficult character to sympathise with because of her low-key inattention for other classes than herself, such as the lower class. Daisy gives up true love and not only that, true happiness with Gatsby so that she will continue to live in an unsatisfactory marriage with Tom Buchanan. The only reason as to why she continues on with this unhappy marriage is because she is aware that Tom has the money to take care and support her, and not only that, gives and provides her with whatever she requires.

Another reason why Daisy cannot be sympathised with is because she seems to oppose ever heartfelt and genuine human feeling for excitement and egocentric pleasures. In addition, she had very little, or hardly any regard or endearment for her only child and daughter. Her daughter is probably the only female character whom the reader can easily sympathise with yet she is only mentioned once in the novel. Lastly, Daisy murders someone (Myrtle) and allows for someone else (Gatsby) to take the blame for it, and consequently ends in another persons tragic downfall (Gatsby.)

Another female character mentioned in The Great Gatsby is Jordan Baker. Jordan is a very important character to the story as she can be regarded as a ‘catalyst.’ This is because she is there at the party in which the rumours of Gatsby begin to spread based on his occupation. Also, Jordan was in the car with Nick and Tom at the time of the car crash and didn’t speak a word to anyone.

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