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Women Empowerment in India: Mission Impossible Essay

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She comes into this world beginning the journey of her life; a life that she thinks will be colourful and joyous only to stumble upon the truth, the truth that her life will be dark and unjust, and this only if she lives long enough and is not sacrificed before she can see the light on this planet, she is born fighting for her rights and dies fighting for these rights, and unfortunately we live in a society where not a single soul sees through her troubles and we all just look away.

All these miseries just because she is born in the unprivileged gender of our country… A very good morning  Our first Prime Minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, once said, “You can tell the state of a nation by looking at the status of the women there”. Indeed, if you analyze the status of the women in India, we come to see a daunting and pathetic situation. In a survey conducted it was learnt that out of 12 million girl child’s born only 1/3 of them get to live.

Some are killed in the womb, some at the time of birth and some due to ill health and poor nutrition. These girls grow up to be women who are given no respect, no opportunity; they are not given half the things they deserve. Our country has always been an active participant in evil practices against women, whether it was sati, parda system or the devadasis who were sexually exploited and if these practices have stopped the problem of rape, acid throwing, dowry system, Female infanticide and sex-selective abortion , human trafficking, forced prostitution etc. tc. This list just goes on and on. To my dear opponents who claim that India is changing the status of women that that these so called policies and agendas for helping women have been introduced and that the condition of women is improving to them I’ll ask that if this is the case then why is India is today the fourth most dangerous country for women to live in, this shows that the condition not improving but only getting worse.

And to add to all the heinous crimes that women face came along the two horrific rape cases, one of a 23 year old and another of a 5 year old girl is this empowerment that we all seek for? The number of rapes happening have not decreased since then, instead the number is just adding on as if it’s a game, a game to take away a woman’s right, her freedom, all this is suppressed by these men who feel that they can exploit women to no end. What surprises me even more is that in the end the blame is always put on women.

We live in a country where women empowerment is just a phrase, where the meaning is not truly understood. We are told that a woman in this country is also equal, that she has equal freedom, but in reality her life is filled with restrictions: restrictions of what to wear what not to don’t go out, don’t behave like this or that, don’t talk to anybody and the don’ts just never end. With these many restrictions what is there left for a woman to live, it’s better not to live then to live a life with no freedom at all.

All my opponents here say that women empowerment is coming and with support there shall be a day when women empowerment in India will exist. That it is upcoming with the various government schemes bare being launched, The irony is that today, everybody talks about women empowerment but the crude realty is that nobody is willing to take initiative for that as our society is a male-dominant society as males have framed all rules of our Indian society according to their own convenience, so they are in no way ready to sacrifice their special privileges as per the contemporary scenario is concerned.

According to Indian philosophy, women in every stage of life need to be protected by someone and she owes her obligation towards her father in childhood, brother in adolescent age, husband in youth and son in old age. The notion behind this is good, but it is alarming that in implementation of the same notion, the persons who are supposed to take care of women actually exploit them in one way or the other. India is one of the major countries

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