Women development Country: IrelandDelegate: Jadon Bredwood 

Did you know women get paid 18% less than men would with the same profession in the United States? This is unfair! Women are at a disadvantage because of gender inequality and stereotypes that don’t apply to many women. Countries around the world can work together in order to protect the rights of women. Women around the world are affected by these social and emotional challenges as well as financial. Research has shown that women are at a risk of poverty.

The convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women was adopted to the United Nations in 1979. This is called a bill of rights for women. Although a system of checks and balances have been put in place, much more is left to be desired to propel us in the right direction.

For example, women in Saudi Arabia only got the right to drive in 2018. The statistics show that less than 20% of the world’s landowners are women.

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Every year 2 million girls under 15 give birth to children. They are at risk of dying because their bodies are not prepared for childbirth. This also stops the process of female’s education to further enhance their growth in the society. All these hard facts and data are shocking but true. This is not to say growth has not taken place. Many people and organization are striving for a change and women equality. Beijing Declaration and Platform Action was made during the 4th World Conference on women in 1995. This says women should be active and equal to men in all aspects of public and private life.

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The sustainable development goals are a set of goals that started in 2016. It is expected that countries will work together to reach all the goals in 2030.

Gender equality is a priority area of Ireland’s foreign policy. We take every opportunity to highlight the rights of all girls in every country to quality education, the centrality of women’s participation in decision-making at all levels, and the importance of eradicating harmful practices, especially female genital mutilation. Ireland remains firmly dedicated to implementation of UN Security Council resolution 1325 on women, peace and security. Another priority is the prevention of and response to gender-based violence, which undermines the health, well-being and livelihoods of millions of women. Since without gender equality, the world cannot achieve the new Sustainable Development Goals, Ireland pledges to help maintain momentum behind both.

At the ‘Call to Action’ in London in November 2013 Ireland made six commitments to protecting women and girls in emergencies. These include prioritizing the protection of women and girls in our development and humanitarian policy commitments, allocating specific human resource capacity and technical specialist expertise in order to support effective humanitarian response to GBV in emergency contexts and to ensure that protection of women and girls is part of the appraisal criteria for all recipients of Irish Aid humanitarian funding. Ireland also committed to progressively increasing funding to the protection of women and girls in emergency and recovery contexts over the coming three years.

What Ireland can do to support the women in our country is to continue doing what we are currently doing. We should also build an organization where Ireland and the neighboring countries, including United Nation members and non-members receive a therapeutic, medical, and financial assistance when needed. This environment would be a wholistic approach with qualified personnel are at various building sites to assist with the going therapy. This will empower the women by, making them feel accomplished and that other women have gone through this or are still going through this. Basically they feel they are not alone. While the women have therapy there will be an active investigation about who or what caused the women to come to therapy. This will protect their rights because we are making sure no one is assaulted, or anything resembling that.

This could also grow into other countries trying this approach. It would be something with a difference, not a program that because is there already or of a similar nature, but one that is carefully researched, and data will be collected to spearhead this program. Also continues monitoring and data reviewed to test its continued efficiency. There would be a small business component. This would help the women who have gone through therapy do a business of their choice to help them financially. This can help the women be viewed as more equal to men because there will be a lot more women bosses and the men can’t look down to them. The program would also be helping Ireland’s economy and boosting the moral of the women.

Ireland is on its way to becoming a better nation, where women are more apt to feel secure an that their lives matter. The United Nations make the advancement of women an essential and important part of their mission. Through their organizations they are working assiduously to help women achieve equality. The United Nations can send resources and hire engineers to help to make the environment. This well help Ireland build the environment quicker, more efficient, and better then without them.

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