Women cannot handle both career and family Essay

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Women cannot handle both career and family

Yes its truth its not easy to balance professional as well as personal life in case of women.When women is working they need support of family members more to accomplish success in both. There is no doubt those who are supported does well in both otherwise they mess up their lives. There are many discussion about it that some says that women successfully in both manner carrier as well as Home.First you make your carrier and then think for family. In that condition you can manage both. If your partner also helpful its really go nice.If all thing depend only on you in that case its hard to manage.

In real manner will you think that you manage both home and carrier…… when you make time for carrier you have no time for home..if for home … then no time for carrier success. It can manage but not successfully.

Sometime found are those success in life.. their family love all disturb. children found that their parents have no time for them. specially women is the major part in home……So……!!!!!! Men make a house, women make a home

Women also have more personal and social pressures than men. And this affects their ability to further their careers and get the experience they need to become good managers. 0 minutes a day with her children, but a man may consider the same behavior exemplary. Indeed, women rarely view themselves as working fortheir families the way men do. Men still think of their family responsibilities in terms of breadwinning, whereas women often see theirs as role modeling for their children. Women emphasize (far more than men do) how important it is for their kids—particularly their daughters—to see them as competent professionals.

One said, “I think that work is such a big part of who I am. I want my kids to understand what I do. I am a whole being.” Many women said that the most difficult aspect of managing work and family is contending with cultural expectations about mothering. One admitted that she stopped working at home after her daughter referred to the Bloomberg network as “Mommy’s channel.” Another commented, “When you are paid well, you can get all the [practical] help you need. What is the most difficult thing, though—what I see my women friends leave their.

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