Women Athletes Deserve More Media Attention

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The world we live in today is dominated by sports, but not just sports, men’s sports. We live in a never-ending cycle of men’s sports, and during this time we seem to forget that women play too. Women sports are not recognized as much as men sports, so how are we supposed to know when they play? “Forty percent of all athletes are female yet they receive just two to four percent of media coverage,” said Maribel Lopez. When women earn airtime they only average seventy-seven seconds, fifty percent shorter than males.

Women sports are lacking the media attention that they deserve. Without the media attention, they lack in other things like compensation, awareness of women sports, so they lack in supporters and viewers. When young boys turn on the tv to watch a sport it influences them to play that sport, but since women sports are lacking in media attention young girls are not allowed that influence. “They know that they are expected to play sports and are encouraged to do so by everyone around them.

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Girls do not receive the same message” said Donna A. Lopiano.

“The evolution of women’s sports over the past four decades has been dramatic; the media coverage, not so much,” said Amanda Ottoway. Recent studies show that women athletics only receive four percent of media coverage, men’s sports receive all of the rest. Ninety percent of sports editors are also men. It has been shown that women are more tuned to women, so since men are the individuals that commentate the game, more men watch.

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Men’s sports have better coverage and commentary at their games. This attracts more viewers, so more people go to the game and support the team. Women’s sports have fewer camera angles and fewer replays. This makes the game to appear slower and have a limited amount of excitement. “The media is failing women across the board,” said the Women’s Media Center President, Julie Burton. Women play the same exact sports as men and women play at the same level as men, but they do not receive the same credit.

One main thing that is different from professional women’s sports and men’s sports is the amount of compensation they earn yearly. Men in the NBA receive an average of 5.15 million dollars a year and men in the MLB receive around 3.2 million a year. Women receive only seventy-seven percent of earning of what male athletes receive. On average women in the WNBA receive 72,000 thousand a year and women’s professional softball only earns $66,782.

Whether people watch sports or not they are aware of them through social media and the internet. Sponsors ask well-known athletes or sport’s teams to talk about their product so they can get more buyers. Some of these sponsorships pay the athletes or teams that talk about their product. Sponsorships are one of the main ways that sports team receive money. Seeing that female sports team does not receive much media attention, they also do not receive as many sponsorships.

Social media has slowly taken over the world. People are obsessed with new trends and the newest updates. Seeing things on social media motivate people to do things. When people hear or see of a certain thing they are attracted to it, so if female sports gain more attention then more people would want to play that sport. Women athletes from NCAA sports has increased from 30,000 to over 193,000 since 1972, but women still have over 60,000 fewer people involved in sports than males. AUSC studies have shown that coverage of women’s sports has barely changed in the last century, it has been said by some news stations that their women’s coverage has declined. Sports Center only devoted two percent of airtime to female athletes. Men’s coverage of the big three, basketball, football, and baseball, has increased in recent years. There has been major growth in women’s sports. There are more athletes than ever before, and there has even been some improvement in live tv coverage, but none of this is in any interest of new’s broadcasts. Women sports get very little coverage, but stories like a twenty-five dollar corndog at an Arizona Diamondbacks game makes it on to the news.

Men and women are equal, but the sports coverage not so much. How are sports networks giving us full coverage if they are not giving us equal coverage? We know what the men are doing, but what about the women? Where are they? They are not receiving what these sports networks are saying they are getting. Women are beginning to press on news networks trying to get what they deserve. They are putting pressure on local networks, so they can’t be ignored any longer. When women are seen playing sports they are seen as women first, athletes second. They are viewed for their body and not their skill. Women have always been inferior to men when it comes to sports, and before rights, they were seen as inferior in every way.

As the time changes, representation of women is changing too. Women will keep pressing for equal media coverage, and they will show that they deserve it. When they accomplish this they will not only get what they deserve, they will earn it all. Higher compensation, people will be more aware of women’s sports and they will also gain more supporters, and they will be able to continue being role models. Young female athletes will grow up knowing that they will get the recognization that they deserve. Females will be able to walk on the field knowing that every amazing play will be seen by thousands of viewers, and when they walk into the newsroom they will be able to tell millions just how amazing they are. Women deserve more media attention, and if they keep fighting for it, one day they will have it.

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