Women Are the Weaker Sex Essay

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Women Are the Weaker Sex

Women are the weaker sex? Are they really? Because as far as I know, women are the ones who most times stick it out, finding a way to endure to the very end. Men have become so laid back these days, causing their role to be taken from them and give to women, one most honestly come the realization of these circumstances though, females have a thing in society which caused people to look down on men, making them feel small and making them feel that they are not needed which then results in them backing down and stop trying to make people see different of them, and women take over.

Yes women are weaker physically, but they dominate mentally, socially, emotionally and possibly even spiritually. It is rather difficult for men to hold their grounds and uphold their rights as a man, seeing that they most times allow females to be their down fall, the TEMPTATIONS of the body is to be blamed. Poor guys trying to be Godly and women just come and flaunt themselves, parading up and down in front of men with all their God given goods exposed, infatuating the men making it hard for them to resist temptations and ignore their manly desires. When they do give in, no one sees the women as the wrong ones so instead they come down on men, if women have the power to do this, do you really think that they are weak?

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