Women Are Evil Essay

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Women Are Evil

Most women in history have had a hard time being taken seriously. A lot of ladies have fought to change that. We’re not talking about those women here in the present. We’re talking about the women in history who haven’t done us any favors. The topic I come before you to present is one that even the greatest and powerful men fear. That, my friends, is the high levels of evil existing in our women. Even in the Holy Bible women were evil and they were always lower than males, and it was because of a woman we were tinted with sin. It is proven in many cases that women are more cold hearted and cruel than men. Immediately, some women stand to shun and disgrace us, but I have grown fed up with the women that think that they are always rite. In our race and age, since, from Biblical reference, Adam and Eve were removed from the Garden of Eden, the woman have stood justly and righteous beside their husbands and partners, still ambitious, yet silent.

Then came pinnacle of the men’s dominance during the later Biblical ages, where a decline of the men’s abilities became evident. The men became surprisingly submissive to the females, even though the women were considered uneducated and were nothing but males little pets. How many times can we recall in the Bible that behind some great evil act, there was a woman? In fact, it is evidently coincidental that people have come up with an equation to explain the women’s deviance. That equation follows: Women require time and money, therefore women = time time’s money and we all know that time is money so a woman = money time’s money. It is obvious that money is the root of all evil; therefore evil squared is square rooted. After the equation completes, we are forced to conclude that Women = evil. There are many women who came to great power in the past and even now that have been discovered to do some very evil and demonic things. For example, Erzsebet Bathory, a Hungarian noble woman who believed, actually believed, that bathing in the blood of younger women would keep her looking beautiful forever. The woman was arrested and charged an amount of money and was disgraced publicly, but though her accomplices that helped her were killed, she was not killed for her crimes because of her high status. This woman believed that she could live eternally for this, and she was not out of her mind. She killed hundreds of victims for this. It was her ambition and her drive to achieve what she really wanted.

We must realize, my brothers that women are not “things” or “trophies”, but they are ambitious and opportunistic from birth, with a will that helps them attain anything they really want. At first I may sound to be complimenting them, for these characteristics are internationally considered virtues. However, ambition stands on the line in between good and evil, and is very unstable. Mostly, when a woman cannot achieve or attain what they want or require legally, they immediately consider another way of attaining it. For many years we have seen the uprising of the opposite sex. Females are now present in most of the activities in our everyday life. At one time women were treated with the least importance. They were not allowed to go to the court houses or vote. It was as if they didn’t even have a say in how they were supposed to live or who was supposed to govern them. Do you want to know the main belief why women became evil? They are simply repaying us for the way that we treated them. In earlier days women were not taken serious at schools or in the work place. It has become almost like an instinct that they have developed over the years, they use these tricks to get what they want. People say that the mind is a powerful thing and women have learned how to control their thoughts and ours quite well. They know that they have what we want or what they know is our weakness, which, unfortunately, is sex. They use their bodies and words to get promoted at their jobs and in other areas. This drive for sex that we men have is our greatest weakness. Women can use this as the “back up plan” that if they do not get what they want they can always turn to the sympathy of the public. They say they have been abused sexually and that their lives will never be the same. In that way after the deed has been done we males can do nothing but give them what they want. They are like predators and we are like their unsuspecting prey. Their greatest goal is success and partially revenge for the way that we have treated them. In conclusion my friends, the rise of the women is reaching its maximum, there is nothing we can do to stop it. We males who are foolish and gullible shall be caught up in their acts and fooled by their eyes. “Too be fair, I must admit that all women are not evil. Some are evil, some are wicked, some are hellishly evil, and some are the grand puba of all that is extemporaneously evil. So, some women are not evil, they are just worse.” (Mr. Brister)

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