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Women and social change in Canada Essay

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Women and social change in Canada

Throughout Canada’s history, women have lacked the opportunity and power otherwise enjoyed by men. Women were considered as submissive creatures incapable of unorthodox opinions to attain complete individual freedom. Women’s professions were mostly been argued a qualified, semi-subordinate and aspiring professions that Adam’s (2003, p. 1) relevantly refute as discriminatory to the Canadian women. Yet as soon as the booming female population of more than half of all the people living in Canada represents at least the majority gender, the masculine principle of a romantic Don Quixote has a divided ovation.

Women have slowly learned to become “success objects” in their field of choice without an ultimate need to outdo one another. With a worldwide grandstanding for the rights of women and the equally large voice of feminism from its neighboring country, the United States, Canadian women are slowly gaining the power to insist their own right to call for a much needed change into the Canadian society. We have seen such movement in the 60’s when women began to work for equal rights and end discrimination at home and speaking out against inequality.

Women are vocally insisting on their right to have control over their own bodies and earn sufficient incomes. Ladd (1999; 14) provided that the roles of women were “distinct but complementary; to the welfare of society as a whole” which is slowly giving meaning to the role of women in the new Canadian society. In Canada’s fast-paced society, women as a population-dominant gender strive to achieve and attain certain degree of success in her social strata.

Women do not fear any stereotyping attached to their sex as much as men do despite relating this effort as a loss of one’s total femininity according to Ladd (1999; 7). Further, most women’s ability depends on her capacity to recognize her role to herself, her family and to the society in general. Categorically, a woman’s earnings may still be well below men in most occupational categories, but women are insistent over their rights for alimony and child support payments thereby positively insisting on their right and tipping the economic balance slowly to their favor.

Through the efforts of advocacy groups, a vibrant social change is aimed at the role of Canadian women in the social and civil society. The United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM)in collaboration with other development agencies in Canada, women are now recognized for their present outnumbering of men at the university level. Although few may have interest in key fields such as engineering computer sciences and trades, there is a higher recognition for women filling up the labor shortage in skilled labor.

Pierson and Cohen (1995; 37) has recognized that feminism in education is a site for struggle for a progressive change to promote a viable economy. With at least a growing number of women starting new businesses that cater in economic growth and advantage, women are no longer question on the efficiency and profitability that sort out the buying public’s desires according to Pierson and Cohen (p. 264).

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