Woman Essay Topics

Development of Jane Eyre

At the opening of her incredible journey, Jane Eyre is a timid, shy, and headstrong girl. Through the course of her journey, her character does not exactly “change”, but rather expands and develops. Her first growth starts at the Lowood School, where she finally finds herself in a society with which she can relate and… View Article

Woman in Gothic Art

When I look at the painting of an anonymous gothic woman created by a yet anonymous artist, the most prominent emotion that I feel is wonder. I think about the peculiar way that the woman is dressed and the facial features that her painter had given her. I know of current gothic art and gothic… View Article

Interpreter оf Mаlаdies

In “Interpreter оf Mаlаdies,” Jhumpа Lаhiri uses Minа Dаs’s red clothing аs а wаy tо represent аn unfаithful wоmаn, whо is disсоnneсted frоm her rооts, аnd hаs fаllen оut оf lоve with life. Her guilt frоm keeping а seсret thаt оne оf her сhildren is nоt frоm her husbаnd, but frоm аn аffаir, hаs саused… View Article

Becoming A Woman And Accepting It

Becoming A Woman 1 At first reading, Elizabeth Bishop’s “In The Waiting Room” is a world full of wonderful imagery. I did not care what it meant, I just enjoyed the way she described what she saw in the National Geographic while waiting in a dentist’s room. I can perfectly see in my mind when… View Article

European Women’s History

The role of women in society has greatly evolved. Prior to the emergence of today’s modern world, women were restricted and confined by the norms and dictates of society. Gender inequality greatly prevailed especially during the early societies. There was little room for progress for women. More often than not, women were prohibited from pursuing… View Article

Like a Virgin

Note: Some names have been changed to protect the anonymity of the persons involved. Fake nose, fake lips, fake bust… Can anything stay natural these days? Surgeons have apparently achieved to change every part of the body and they ain’t going to stop. Indeed, another form of surgery has become widespread around the world: hymenoplasty…. View Article

How is an “Unwoman” Defined?

Historically, women and children were under the control of the father of the family. The role of women was to born babies and run the house. In the novel ”The Handmaid`s Tale”, Margaret Atwood depicts a society dominated and ruled by men. Those who reject social structure and dominance of males are treated as “unwomen”…. View Article

The Woman Warrior

Women of Chinese culture carry an innate characteristic of uselessness in a country that esteems only men.  The men are strong providers, carriers of family names, and maintainers of family ideals and honor.  In a country where one child per family is the norm, the birth of a female is not met with glee, but… View Article

“The Woman Warrior” by Maxine Hong Kingston

This paper will discuss the value of secrets for the narrator’s understanding of growing up as a Chinese-American woman in The Woman Warrior. It will also cover the hardships faced in the way growing and surviving in the male dominant society. Maxine Kingston’s mother is shown to be an impeccably strong woman throughout this novel…. View Article

Role of Women in Hinduism

The purpose of the research paper is to examine the role of women in Hinduism and how it impact their lives .This paper will look at how narratives from sacred texts influences women’s role in society in the past and in the present. The role of women in Hinduism is often disputed, and positions range… View Article

Phenomenal Woman

A phenomenal woman, according to both Maya Angelou and Virginia Woolf, is a female who knows herself well. The phenomenal woman is honest and could even be proud enough to show the world who she really is. Both authors have given very beautiful ways to describe the phenomenal woman. Angelou describes her as self-confident, honest,… View Article

What does a woman need to know?

What does a woman need to know? This is answered in an essay written by Adrienne Rich in the book Presence of the others.  Learning is vital for every individual regardless of the gender. This is the main point of the author about illiteracy among women. Ignorance paved way for powerlessness among women and this… View Article

Woman Holding a Balance by Jan Vermeer

Jan Vermeer’s painting of Woman Holding a Balance is concentrated on a young woman holding an empty pair of weighing scales. The woman was probably intended to weigh the precious materials present on the table such as gold coins and pearls. However, if a viewer would look closely on the painting, it seems more than… View Article

Traditional Housewife

The power of the woman comes from her spontaneity, presence and being who she is? She has been the tower of strength, patience and perseverance. History of nations worldwide is the proof of her significant role. She has been viewed as the nurturer, nurse and caregiver. Her image is the personification of love and tolerance…. View Article

Trifles Case

Having to play a certain character’s role in any story or play we should know how to act and especially how to put ourselves in the situation where the character we play is into. We should know how to put ourselves in the position of the character we are playing. We can only play a… View Article

Turkish Woman

Being able to assist a person when in need is one of the most satisfying psychological experiences a person goes through. Human beings have a social aspect in nature which makes them want to correlate with others especially those with whom one can easily relate with because of some similar characters such as culture, class,… View Article

The Virgin by Kerima Polotan-Tuvera Review

The story that was written by Kerima Polotan-Tuvera, “The Virgin” is a story about a woman named Miss Mijares that was about 34 years old. She was slimy and almost bony. She also knows how to dress herself to hide the small chest she has by putting puff and ruffles on her chest part. She… View Article

A Lady with the Little Dog

1.“The lady with the little dog “- Analyzing literature questions 1. Gurov’s character represents as a man who dislikes the company of man of his age. He finds their company uninterested and boring. In addition, he finds his wife to be unintelligent, narrow, and inelegant and he did not like to stay home at all… View Article

Ladies Detective Agency

1.Conventional mystery novels usually contain one long and riveting mystery throughout the course of the whole story. This may or may not be successful in many cases based on the author’s interest in that one mystery. With this book containing many different mysteries and crimes to solve it allows readers to become more engaged in… View Article

Parody Through Counter Examples

Counter examples are used throughout this play, and is a key role in the parody of the play. On both male and female sides of the dynamics in the play the first one is right from the start. “the streets are absolutely clogged with frantic females banging on tambourines. No urging for an orgy!” (727)… View Article

Feminist Analysis Death of a Salesman

What’s great about this play is gives us insight into the past and focuses on an average family and provides lots of material to do a feminist analysis of. The most prominent woman figure in this play is Linda, but the male characters in this play also give us insight into women’s roles and help… View Article

Housewife vs. Working Women

I watched a debate on the television on this topic. There were two groups who discussed this. Surprisingly, each group had a husband/wife whose spouse was in the other group. This opportunity was too good to be missed, I guess! The debate was lively, did not reduce to a wrangling match because of the mediator…. View Article

Housework Division

1. Regardless of whether the family is a dual-income family or not marriage is about compromise. With compromise comes accommodation. One couple might have a partner who works longer hours or has a more strenuous job. To accommodate the partner, the other spouse might have to do more of the house work. One partner might… View Article

White Women Discrimination

While white woman have been on this world born just as man was, people still disrespect them in many ways. Racism and discrimination still exists to this day “In my opinion, had I been African-American, they would not have fired me,”(Shira Hedgepeth, former director of academic technology at Winston-Salem State University), According to Shira Hedgepeth… View Article

Miguel Street

Discuss the representation of man and manhood in the 2 short stories of Miguel Street. On Miguel Street, the representation of man and manhood can be seen negatively in these two short stories” “Bogart” and “A thing without a name”. Where as a man’s manhood is considered strong if certain characteristics such as aggression, evading… View Article

Poisonwood Bible Character Analysis

In the book The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver, the narration is done by five of the main characters: Orleanna, Rachel, Leah, Adah, and Ruth May Price. When analyzing the narrative led by Leah Price, a 14-year old tomboy, the reader may notice her progression from a young girl who idolizes her father and loves… View Article

The essay talks of a woman

The first essay talks of a woman who loved and treasured her husband even in death. It talks of a widow who was married in Ephesus. The essay highlights her as being very beautiful. It was a culture to mourn your husband by beating the naked breast in front of the crowd and pulling off… View Article

Financial Independence and the Single Woman

Most, if not all of Jane Austen’s renowned novels feature the trials and tribulations of single women—from Pride and Prejudice, to Sense and Sensibility, to Emma. The focus is specifically on the concept of marriage as the only viable choice for a single woman, if she wished to live substantially in her later years. However,… View Article

The Enron Wars – Vanity Fair

Questions: 1. Why do you think the whistleblowers we’ve encountered have all been women? The first reason I guess is women are more considering about emotions not about objective facts. Maybe a man won’t do anything he thinks it is wrong. He will refuse wrong things immediately. But women judge things by their own standards…. View Article

The Most Awesome Day in My Life

While sitting on the loosing bench in San Ignacio Town feeling like a dog that was dis-owned by owner after we lost our volleyball game to the most outstanding team of the day, my life just gat brightened in a split second like a lightning striking some energy into to me when I saw the… View Article