Woman Essay Topics

The Madding Crowd

Thomas Hardy suggests that in the mid-ninteenth century women were limited in their choice of jobs. Factory work was available in some areas but this meant working long, tiresome hours. They could also work for the rich, but for very little money. The term used for a woman who makes dresses is a seamstress. They… View Article

A Woman Of No Importance

‘A Woman of No Importance’ was written in 1892 by Oscar Wilde. In the play Wilde shows the hypocrisy that permeated through the 19th century and he expresses his views on a parochial society. The exposition of the play is pivotal in Wilde’s craft as he establishes characters and lays the foundations of the play…. View Article

The Woman in Black Review

Upon the arrival in London my anticipation was high. My first impression of the Fortune Theatre was; it was a very old Victorian building, very small and slightly ragged. Upon entering it felt very cramped and made you feel claustrophobic. The atmosphere was eerie due to the old style of the building. This was particularly… View Article

The Virgin by Kerima Polotan

The title of Kerima Polotan’s “The Virgin” gives us the subject-virginity, female virginity, a cherished value of Filipino Male culture. By presenting its protagonist as “victim” rather than heroine of this value system, the text subverts it. Reflecting on her virginal state, Miss Mijares does so “with a mixture of shame and bitterness and guilt”… View Article

Clarice Lispector’s Women Characters

I sat before my glass one day, And conjured up a vision bare, Unlike the aspects glad and gay, That erst were found reflected there- The vision of a woman, wild With more than womanly despair.[1] The Italian feminist writer Elsa Morante stated that: “One woman’s agony in her room is something so insignificant that… View Article

Development of Jane Eyre

At the opening of her incredible journey, Jane Eyre is a timid, shy, and headstrong girl. Through the course of her journey, her character does not exactly “change”, but rather expands and develops. Her first growth starts at the Lowood School, where she finally finds herself in a society with which she can relate and… View Article

Woman in Gothic Art

When I look at the painting of an anonymous gothic woman created by a yet anonymous artist, the most prominent emotion that I feel is wonder. I think about the peculiar way that the woman is dressed and the facial features that her painter had given her. I know of current gothic art and gothic… View Article

Interpreter оf Mаlаdies

In “Interpreter оf Mаlаdies,” Jhumpа Lаhiri uses Minа Dаs’s red clothing аs а wаy tо represent аn unfаithful wоmаn, whо is disсоnneсted frоm her rооts, аnd hаs fаllen оut оf lоve with life. Her guilt frоm keeping а seсret thаt оne оf her сhildren is nоt frоm her husbаnd, but frоm аn аffаir, hаs саused… View Article

Becoming A Woman And Accepting It

Becoming A Woman 1 At first reading, Elizabeth Bishop’s “In The Waiting Room” is a world full of wonderful imagery. I did not care what it meant, I just enjoyed the way she described what she saw in the National Geographic while waiting in a dentist’s room. I can perfectly see in my mind when… View Article

European Women’s History

The role of women in society has greatly evolved. Prior to the emergence of today’s modern world, women were restricted and confined by the norms and dictates of society. Gender inequality greatly prevailed especially during the early societies. There was little room for progress for women. More often than not, women were prohibited from pursuing… View Article

Like a Virgin

Note: Some names have been changed to protect the anonymity of the persons involved. Fake nose, fake lips, fake bust… Can anything stay natural these days? Surgeons have apparently achieved to change every part of the body and they ain’t going to stop. Indeed, another form of surgery has become widespread around the world: hymenoplasty…. View Article

How is an “Unwoman” Defined?

Historically, women and children were under the control of the father of the family. The role of women was to born babies and run the house. In the novel ”The Handmaid`s Tale”, Margaret Atwood depicts a society dominated and ruled by men. Those who reject social structure and dominance of males are treated as “unwomen”…. View Article

The Woman Warrior

Women of Chinese culture carry an innate characteristic of uselessness in a country that esteems only men.  The men are strong providers, carriers of family names, and maintainers of family ideals and honor.  In a country where one child per family is the norm, the birth of a female is not met with glee, but… View Article

“The Woman Warrior” by Maxine Hong Kingston

This paper will discuss the value of secrets for the narrator’s understanding of growing up as a Chinese-American woman in The Woman Warrior. It will also cover the hardships faced in the way growing and surviving in the male dominant society. Maxine Kingston’s mother is shown to be an impeccably strong woman throughout this novel…. View Article