Wolf insists Essay

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Wolf insists

Free will is a concept developed by Wolf and she expresses that it is the aspect of human beings acting and doing things from their own reasoning. She says that one must have full knowledge of what is good and that which is bad. Upon knowing these two diverse sides, one then exercises choice on the available alternatives. According to Wolf, the society has a set of thing that are considered as bad and those things that are cherished to be right.

In as much as people are having freedom to exercise their own ideas, they will only feel really free when they do things that are within the societal bracket of the “good”. Any one who does wrong things will indeed lack freedom in their human relations. At any one time, nature may present many things to choose from but it is interesting to know that only one thing is right among them and there are normally no alternatives to the right ways.

When talking about free will, Wolf insists that one has full control on the path that they take in life, that no one can dictate the life of another. She says that the free will must be in conformity with our values and that these values must be classified as good. Some times our desires may be evil and could be of desire to revenge on our offenders. At this point, the free will gets detached to our desires so that it presents a platform where only good things can be done. Source Wolf, Susan (1990). Freedom within Reason. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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