Without conflcit there cannot be change Essay

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Without conflcit there cannot be change

Conflict is very much existent in society and alway has been. There are many types of conflict that can be small and trivial, and some that are extreme and lead to injury or death. Conflict usually can involve ones inner-self, two or more people, different social classes or cultures or two groups of people. In the result or end of conflict, the outcome is often a change in the society in which the conflict concerns. In many cases without the conflict there cannot be change. Many people are naturally conservative and don’t want change, and when this occurs conflict is essential for the change to take place. When there is a majority group and a minority group conflict is needed to show that the minority group wants change and feels they need to fight against the majority group.

People in society don’t always openly accept major changes in their societies. When faced with the possiblity of change peopel become naturally conservative and coflict arises so that the changes may occur. Inequality has been a global issue between races. The English who invaded South Africa started discrimination and racism. Nelson Mandala started a group called the Afrikaner National Party (ANP) and gained many members, sparking fights with the more conservative residents of the National Party who didn’t want change. The National Party made apartheid so it would keep white domination while making racial separation in the economic and social system. When the system was established, it first separated all the races into categories based on their skin. This meant citizens of their homeland and would lose their citizenship to South Africa.

When Nelson Mandala had formed the ANP he started many protests against the National Party and people began to rebel more, creating even more rivalry. Mandala got arrested in 1963 and put in jail for 27 years. Once Nelson Mandela was released from prison and won the election to be president of Africa, he changed the government from being apartheid to being democratic. This abolished apartheid as a whole. He then revised the human rights, which gave equal rights to everyone. This positively created new housing, education, and financial development for black people. The conflict he lead with the African people, allowed change to take place proving that conflict is necessary for growth and social change.

Another reason that conflict is necessary for change to occur is the fact that people have vested intrest and like sticking to the status quo. When people can’t see benefit in the change, they tend to lose interest and form an opinion against the changes. The decison to allow women on the frontline caused tension because people didn’t want to change the fact that only males were on the frontline. Defence Minister Stephen Smith said that “We have an Australian Army that’s been going for 110 years, an Australian Navy that’s been going formally for 100 years, and an Australian Air Force that’s been going for 90 years, and last night, we resolved to remove the final restrictions on the capacity of women to serve in frontline combat roles.” Before the decison was made, women and men who were for the idea had to fight hard for the chance. Many protests, votes, and campaigns were made to prove that women have the same capabiltiy as men. These changes have only occured because of the conflict that has made people believe that sometimes the status quo needs a makeover too.

In most cases where conflcit is involved the minority group is fighting against the majority group. Locally in Australia, a recent battle has occured between our nurses, midwives and paramedics against the Governement for payrises. The Australian Nursing and Midwifery federation planned many protests in the city squares, and made advertisments to cause conflcit in the media. Ambulance drivers painted slogans and statistics about there payroll on their trucks. The Federal Government’s $3.7 billion Living Longer, Living Better package was passed through both houses of parliament on June 26, ushering in historic changes to the sector. The hard work of our health care workers paid off, and being the minority group, the workers had to prove to the majority group how much they needed the payrise. The dispute caused the change in the payrise, because without it the decision would have been contemplated but not necessarely pulled through. The conflcit pushed the 21% payrise for nurses, midwifes and paramedics.

Many people argue that change can occur without conflict, but even so one undergoes inner-conflict to change their opinion. For example if a child who grew up in a conservative family, came out and said that they were gay. The parents could either disapprove, which would cause conflict in the family, or the could undergo an inner-conflict with themselves, changing their view on gay marriage. Even though this isn’t a seen conflict it still occurs to make the change.

Conflict and complaints often provide an incentive to improve something that is already in place. People tend to shy away from change. We have all heard the term “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it!”. That is not always true. Disagreements or differences of opinions often result in better solutions to new and existing problems. Sometimes conflict is necessary for change.

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